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  1. Yeah I thought that's what you meant but reading back maybe I've misunderstood :oops:
  2. I commented after a few beers so had to check.

    For now I’ve kept it the same as the OP.

    I would like too add the continuity option as well as capacitor to up the discharge.
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    Adding a capacitor in the way you mean is a significantly bigger job than just adding one to the existing circuit. Capacitors store a charge but they don’t multiply it so if you charged it with a 9v battery you’d simply increase the ampage available on pressing the button but still at 9v, you’d need a step up circuit to increase the voltage to create a blasting type unit.
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  4. Come home 2 Jiffy bags. Oddly 3 items from the same seller which I didn’t spot.

    I went with a 5mm Blue LED. Blue just looks nicer.

    I think the illuminate switch is too big. Haven’t opened anything to check yet. Also need to grab a 9V battery.

    Awaiting push button and terminals.

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  5. I'd forgot about that. Probably should have mentioned that, sorry. :oops: If you look at my first post you'll see I had to bend the terminals to make it fit.
  6. Yeah I spotted that tonight when I looked. Few ways around it. Having a 3D printer helps. Make a small ring to raise it up will help.
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    That's what I love about 3d printing, just making odd parts to convert a fitting etc...
  8. She broke the plastic holding the shelf in the fridge. They wanted £75 a bit of plastic. 3 hour print and 20 mins to draw it sorted.

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  9. Just been clearing out the workshop and found these bits. Need to built it really.