Hornet or wasp nest in storage container

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by Mathew Griffiths, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Mathew Griffiths

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    So lately I’ve noticed a few large wasps in the corners of one of my containers, about 30 or 40,
    , ignored it and killed them so far but each time we go to pull a display there are more and I’m sure they are thinking of making a nest... obviously they are getting in through the vents anyone else experienced the same issue? Seems a strange time of year I’d expect it in spring ( ps im a bee keeper but bees are so much easier to manage)
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  2. Pyromania

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    Are they really sleepy/dozy? I’d expect them to be hiding away for winter about now (especially with how mild it’s been of late).

    I used to have a workshop where they would hibernate through the winter - but they didn’t tend to all stick together and build a nest, they would hide individually in all sorts of weird and wonderful places - which was a bit of a shock when you picked certain things up, or opened boxes and a big old hornet was laying there staring back at you!!
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  3. Mathew Griffiths

    Mathew Griffiths Pro Firer/Crew

    Yep that’s it... all still and no movement until I spear them with a screw driver anyway... they all seem to Be placed in different places
  4. Charlie

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    Queens hibernating. For every one killed, one less nest next year
  5. alasdar

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    Are there many beekeepers on here?
  6. Charlie

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    Ex beekeeper here. Had 8 National hives.
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  7. SwissTony

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  8. Flare Path

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    You may Joke, but this is the only way to solve this problem.
  9. Charlie

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  10. Mathew Griffiths

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    yep.. Thats pro advice right there!! I have found out they are queen wasps herbernating for the winter, I’m sucking up the courage to tackle them this week!
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  11. Bucksend

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    I'd advise against this approach in a pyro storage container! :areyousure:
  12. starseeker

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    Always find it a bit sad that peoples first reaction is kill the bastards ,could you not collect them up and find a old building etc to relocate them to ?
    Wasps are also in decline ,probably for this reason , wasps and hornets (not the asian hornet ) are very beneficial in eating aphids etc .
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