Hornsby and Goodwyn explosives store for sale

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  1. I am not a prolific poster here. More than a few here will know me from the now defunct pyrosociety. Some years ago I bought a number of H&G stores from the Standard Fireworks site in Huddersfield.

    I now have one that has become surplus to requirements, so thought I would drop a post here to see if there is anyone that would be interested (if so I will post a few photo's)

    The unit is a 7ft wide by 10ft deep unit which is around 6ft tall at the front. The unit is in good condition, but could do with a fresh coat of paint. For those that know their storage these are serious heavy duty stores.

    The lineage of this store is that it was installed at ICI Mond in 1973 before being moved to standard fireworks. I bought the stores about 10 years ago. There is plenty of life left in the store (another lifetime or so).

    The store is currently in North Lincolnshire.

    If there is anyone interested send me a pm to discuss.

    I will be open to sensible offers.
  2. Charlie

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    Thanks @Locky Smith , but got enough to be getting on with at the moment. They are like bloody busses lol
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  3. Jon

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    Oh that's a shame, I didn't know the Pyro society had collapsed.
  4. It is a shame, but there does not seem to be anyone running it anymore other than the hosting which I believe Richard still does off hos own back.
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    I moved over to Ned Gorski's Fireworking as the UKPS forum was dead as a dodo.
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  6. Yep Ned's site is good and will probably hang around there a bit in the future when the day job calms down in a few years time. Has Passfire also become largely defunct?
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    I have never looked into Passfire. APC forum is pretty good though I think $40 for a year with Ned's is really worth it.
  8. Lol, just been offered two more
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  9. Jon

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    His site is really good!