How do you cut fuse?

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  1. I think Tiltman brought up a great question earlier today on another thread (which is already half way down the second page -busy,busy!)

    With the risk of sparking from ordinary scissors, for those who do a lot of fusing - How do you cut your QM or other fuse?

    I think it'll be good to hear from the pros what they do. It'll educate those starting to look into fusing.

    So, how do you cut yours?!
  2. Pyro Pete

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    Yes it would be good to establish some "good practices", thanks for starting the thread :)
  3. Arthur

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    Clean sharp scissors for fuse, or perhaps a Staples Letter Opener (sharp blade onto a plastic piece)
  4. Mixologist

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    Non Sparking Scissors and nips - cost a bit more but well worth it for peace of mind :)
  5. elmo

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    stanley or irwin sidecutters:D
  6. Andy_P

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    Again, there has been LOADS of discussion about this in past topics...

    Here's a quick roundup...

    Some use ordinary side or end cutters/nippers
    Some say that you shouldn't use anything that squeezes the quickmatch or fuse so recommend something that cuts with a scissor action (like scissors!)
    Some say you shouldn't use anything made of a metal that could spark so recommend only brass scissors.
    Some say you shouldn't even use those and recommend (or insist on) only very sharp knives (such as Stanley "the Nack" or craft knives)

    Personally, I was taught to only use sharp craft knives, but when I look at my fellow firers, these days I think I'm in a minority that do it that way and scissors or nips seem popular (I still shudder when I see them being used, but I've never ever seen any accidents caused by the practice).
  7. SussexPyroBoy

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    I'm no Pro, just an enthusiastic amateur. But I use a snap off blade trimming knife from Wickes, and cut on a wooden block. At 81p a go you can always keep a few handy and it doesn't matter if they get trodden on or broken :)

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  8. Anyone recommend where to get these scissors?
  9. Signum

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    I guess one of the bottom line questions is:

    ..has anyone see a length of quick match ignite from using Scissors, Im not talking cutting igniters out etc, I'm talking a straight one action cut across a piece of QM?
  10. Mixologist

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  11. GTATTY

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    I got my electrician's scissors from CEF (City Electrical Factors) Trade counter. I paid £6.45 inc vat with our tra
    de discount approx 3 years ago. Try EBAY;)

  12. starpyro

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    When i did cat 4 training- and ever since, we used either a sharp craft knife or scissors- never seen any problems with scissors personally!:)
  13. vdm1875

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    previously posted on an earlier thread -

    We use these devices for cutting HE components like detonating cords. Also used for pyro items such as safety fuse etc. Has a guillotine action that wont pinch or trap and cause friction.
  14. Andy_P

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    Here's the knife I was told was best to use on Quickmatch...


    The handle contains a cartridge containing 15 double-ended blades which you can swap over without taking it apart, just by sliding a switch.
    Means you can use a blunt one for cutting cable ties etc, but always have a razor sharp one for cutting QM and fuse. the narrow point is great for slitting the paper sleeve of QM for jointing on the side or top face.

    For a while they were hard to get in the UK, but you can now get the metal and plastic versions (and spare blade cartridges) by mail order from
  15. webcatcher

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    I have always followed the rule of never use anything that has blades that cross each other such as scissors or shears to avoid the risk of a spark. I know that the chances are remote but is it not best to remove all risk no matter how small as fusing means you are up close and at most danger. I personally use a good pair of diagonal cutters, the blades meet correctly and are sharp, replacing them as soon as they become dull.
  16. Venger

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    I sent an e-mail enquiry to NST back in mail asking for details of any scissors they supply and have never received a reply grr...

    Things like brass and ceramic scissors appear to be rarer than hen's teeth to locate :shakehead:

    If you're using a craft / stanley knife don't you also have to carry something in the tool box to cut on - there's not much to lean on around the tubes ?

    In terms of cutting at 90º across QM I use wire cutters (anvil type, not bypass), 'end-on' snips to make a neat/quick incision into the side of the QM paper cover and nail scissors to 'open up' the incision to allow for jointing.

    These CK electrical scissors that have been mentioned today - are they 'nimble' enough for small incisions etc. ?
  17. Phil40

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    Plus i'd need a good supply of plasters.....:blush:

    that's why i use scissors (and i never run with them :D)
  18. UGE


    so ceramic scissors are a good bet?
  19. dogsbody

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    its what I use (and my boss pinches mine when he cant find his!!
  20. UGE