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    Note: This is somewhat of an experimental feature and this guide is a work in progress. Please comment below if you have any problems or questions and we'll try and iron out any glitches. Please also note that this feature uses a third party paid-for app which is unconnected with UKFR.

    Phone notifications can be handy to alert you to all manner of things happening on the forum including receiving private messages from other members, or new posts in forums that you subscribe to.

    The process of doing this relies on installing and setting up a third party app on your phone called "Pushover". Here is the process to follow:

    1. Go to your app store in Android or iOS and install an app called Pushover. It will look like this:


    Please note that after the trial period of 7 days, you will need to pay to continue to use the app. At the time of writing, this is a one-off fee of £4.99 on iOS and similar on Android. I should stress, this is not us charging for it, the app is independent from the forum and we do not get any of that money. Similarly, we usually cannot help with any problems using or installing it. You can decide in the first 7 days whether or not it is useful enough to pay the one-off fee; personally I find it far more reliable and useful than email notifications.

    2. Follow the instructions with the app to register a Pushover account.

    3. Here in the UKFR forum, click or hover over your username (top right) and look for the "External Accounts" option, click it, then click "Subscribe to Pushover". Here is a direct link:

    4. Follow the instructions on logging in with your Pushover account and linking up the forum, your device and Pushover.

    5. Fine tune what you're alerted to by revisiting "External Accounts / Pushover Alert Types" and clicking "Pushover alert types":

    You may want to reduce them down a bit to stop being bothered by too many alerts!

    6. Pushover will alert you as required. A typical alert looks like this, with a clickable link to take you into the relevant part of the forum in your web browser:

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  2. Good idea. :)

    I have tried, but keep on getting an error message on the forum when I click "subscribe to pushover".. o_O
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    Thanks @Blackpool Fireworks I just tested as a new user and it's definitely not working :D

    However I think I just fixed it. At least the initial error has gone away.

    Would you like to try again please?
  4. All sorted, working now.

    Neil. :)
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    I've been using this for years with UKFR!