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  1. What can I say other then hello there and I look forward to getting to know you all, anything you want to know please feel free to ask away. :)
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  2. scoops

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    Welcome! Enjoy your stay
  4. Da Main Mouse

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    Waves hand in welcome gesture, fave fireworks?what info you looking to get? Or just a place to hang?
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  5. Hmmm by favourite you mean favourite effect right? I am definitely a brocade and willow kind of girl in terms of effect. So I am training at the moment, wanted somewhere to hang and meet fellow firers and such.
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  6. gareth71

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    Who are you doing your training with?
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  7. I am doing it with 1st Galaxy
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    Welcome to the forum.:)
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    Welcome along :)
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  11. Thank you for all the welcoming :)
    Feel like we need one big party now to get to know each other that little bit better :D
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  12. Welcome to the forum, great place to be.
  13. Hello!
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