Hummers, 3 staged whistle & other unusual sounding fireworks

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    Following on from the ‘favourite effects’ thread over on the chat and discussion, I thought it would be fun to reminisce on some of the ‘unusual sounding’ fireworks of the early millennium.
    They seemed to disappear for quite a while, but really good to see them making a return of recent, with quite a few brands now such as Epics ‘Triple Whistle, Howling Wolves, Humming Hornets, Whistle mix pop etc. Plus Jorge’s ‘Wolf, Pyro Kings ‘Hummeroids’, Primed ‘Furious Angels, Absolute ‘Fireflies’ Vivid ‘Screaming Banshee, Bright Star ‘Zombies from hell etc..plenty I will have missed out.

    So I thought I would start this bit or nostalgia off with a few classic pieces from this period that produce said noises in title..


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  2. BarnOwl

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    Plus this blue touch vintage one from Brocks
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  3. elmo

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    Revolution was a classic, one we try to get back each year :)
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    Yep, Revolution was pretty amazing, especially in a built up area where the sound seemed to defy the laws of physics and carry on after the shot had finished (though that might have been a side effect of the Stella if we are talking the noughties here :cool:).

    Also loved the three tone Missile Of Stars pictured above. Another great Devco one was Laser Bombard which spun each shot into a sort of frenzy before exploding.

    My favourite though was the original "Mexican Fiesta" from GNFC (1997 ish) which had an array of hilarious sound efffects.
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  5. elmo

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  6. Pyro Pete

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    No it was a circular 90 shot cake, from memory. Do you recall from that time the style of cake I mean (small bore, tatty packaging, about a foot across)?
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    Nice to see my first fireworks coming into the nostalgia forum now :D

    I grew up using Planet Fireworks and Revolution was one of my favourites with it being so different. Only in the past couple of years have I seen hummers return as good as it was. My first ever time combining fireworks was with a Revolution and Illusion candle in a combo I dubbed "The Witches Cauldron". I miss the simplicity of those days! And you can hear how much it was enjoyed by the audience (this was 2011) :)

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    Revolution was one of a kind. True classic and cool artwork, glad I kept one.
    Firework Emporium (who sold a few Devco bits and pieces) often described Missile of Star as sounding like a 'dying cat' in their brochure.
    I don't remember Laser Bombard from Devco? only the FI version. it wasn't Laser Beam Weapons was it?
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  9. 1980's Esco wild geese rockets were comedy on a stick. And when all the planets were aligned they would take off and perform OK..Maybe
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    @POB's Pyro - yes I also did the Illusion candles (2 or 3 from memory) with Revolution as a combo. Witches Cauldron - you could have marketed that combo name for them!
  11. Pyro Pete

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    That's the one - Laser Beam Weapons - well done :)
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    invasion from mars
    78885366_1028716037469555_3390711366900776960_o.jpg 77134253_1028716657469493_20119104283213824_o.jpg 77279165_1028716900802802_5130099737969557504_o.jpg
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    Invasion from Mars. Very nice @TONYB
  14. Revolution was a must have firework for years, the first cake that brought back the old screecher effect, thankfully it has come back a bit more, who remembers the old Lion candles from Temple of Heaven brand?, they became known as farting lions because of the weird sound they made!, another one i remember was the first howler cake i ever had, that was Panda's Kings Anger, they later changed it to a completely different firework!
  15. danielpyronutter

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    These are cool, Whistling Snake by red dragon.

  16. Good old News Transmitter was the first cake type firework i had seen . It came from KF in the display boxes .
    I am sure the early ones had reports ? maybe someone could confirm that.
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  17. jww

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    I was momentarily befuddled between News Transmitter and Twitter Glitter..."my" news transmitter was a small blue cake - got a label somewhere - which was small dia tubes around a blank core. Each unit was whistle with silvery tail and no report.

    Twitter Glitter was one of the first "everything" devices I recall from China - a mind boggling cacophony as I remember - the sort of device which always made one think "ah yes, 3 or 6 in a line would be fine next year !".

    Given these pyro were possibly only a pound or two more than a simple candle or gerb from UK manufacturers, it was manifest which way the public and the market would go.

    In particular, the mind boggling quantity of components and processes in a Twitter Glitter could only ever be made in a low wage context.

    As an aside., I never really think it's worth comparing UK and Chinese pyro - they're very different, compliment each other in my view, and are just a way of increasing the pyro spectrum.

    Basically you can't improve on a Zink rocket, a Kimbolton Ti Gerb or a Standard Saxon ( OK, or a Maltese 8" six break cylinder...but that's outside of current discourse...)

    That said, a good Chinese cake ( of whatever size ) is an amazing achievement too :) Just my ramblings naturally !

  18. News Transmitter and Twitter Glitter, that's going way back. The era when Chinese fireworks first came onto the UK market.
    You opened the boxes and it was common to find powders and clay floating around the bottom of the boxes.
    That early pyro was just not designed for long-distance travel.

    One of my other likes was Happy Lamp - a horizontally-burning wheel hung from a support that morphed into a Chinese lantern.
    The ones we had even lit up inside for around 30 seconds after the change.
    Still available on the USA market but AFAIK no CE versions in the UK.

    Still have some Twitter Glitter single shots.
  19. Escht

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    happy lamp876.jpg

    I've got one here looking for a new home.
  20. FI's Wizzy wombat .
    I loved these back in the day and always found a spot for them in the shows.
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