Hummers, 3 staged whistle & other unusual sounding fireworks

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    We're all getting ancient and a bit faded....:D
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    You'll be fine after lockdown ;)

    I still get so much joy from unusual sounding fireworks - and so do spectators especially children - and wonder why we don't see so much of it in modern pyro?
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    Because everyone wants compounds you can’t carry and cakes with crackle finales :whistle:
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    I keep as sane as I can by getting them out for a good old Fondle ... Or am I the only one ?..:rolleyes:
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    I have to say the Zeus crackling crossette cakes are the good type of crackle! They have changed my opinion of crackle.
    Are you keeping Night Tracer as the crackling version or changing to the regular crossettes this year? I need more of the crackling versions!
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    Crackles are not "unusual sounds". In fact on some forums, just saying, you'd be hounded out for endorsing such a thing! ;)
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    Staying as Is mate ;)
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  8. Calling All Cars was exactly the same firework as Screech Owl, Hummer, Siren etc. Their “humming star” was simply the best, always very loud and sometimes quite erratic.
    I haven’t fired one for a long time but if I do I will record/upload it as I have done in the past with other items. I must admit, I enjoy firing the odd vintage item now and again (yes, I know..shock/horror) but try now to stick to items that leave a “clean tube” to refurbish as I’ve had a few things burn away or explode lol
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    I didn’t realise they were all the same. Great info, thanks for sharing. As previously said it would be fab to see one in action...or even a video of one.