I don't suppose anyone has a picture of an Air Bomb ~1964

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  1. I'm turning some of my father's memoirs into a book and he mentions the Air Bomb:

    "I used to love bonfire night and the weeks leading up to it were spent collecting money to buy fireworks and, to my mother’s horror, bringing home tree branches from the woods for the bonfire. One of my favourite fireworks was the Air Bomb made by Standard Fireworks. This would fire shells in the air that would explode with very loud bangs at a height of 3 to 4 metres above the ground."

    I'd love to include pictures of the actual type of firework (with the branding it would have had in 1963/64).

    Do any of you have any high res pictures? I've searched and found some that *may* fit the bill but I can't be sure. Thanks in advance.
  2. In fact, a poster displaying all the Standards from the 60s or a box including one would be great. I'm having trouble finding one that's definitely 60s and, as I'm sure you know, if I get the wrong one, the nostalgia won't be half as powerful!
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    Pretty sure I've seen all of the above posted here before, but maybe wait until one of our resident collectors can advise to save you wading through all the old topics :)
  4. The design hardly changed until the later years so any Air Bomb from the 1960's to the 80's looks the same.
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    I don't have a brochure for 63 or 64 to check what price marking would have been on at that time, probably 6d, maybe someone can advise on that.
    I have a 9d example which is late 60's, A 7 1/2p which is early 70's and a later version with no price markings, all fairly similar in design but with dateable variations........ nearest I can do is the 9d,
  6. As you remember it firing shells (plural) do you mean the air bomb repeater? One was about 12" long, another version a little shorter.
    (Courtesy of Standard Steve)

    Or even the air bomb battery?
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  7. many options ! could be a 12 incher , or some thing smaller . lol
  8. You guys are amazing.
    I sent him the ones from @Escht to which he replied "It was pre-decimalisation so the 9d version." but it doesn't sound like it hit a chord so I've sent him the repeater pictures and will report back what he says. I'm hoping he'll recognise one of these immediately! Thanks so much everyone!
  9. could still be a 6d air bomb , depends on when your dad had one in the 60s .
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    The box load are double shot and if memory serves me correctly the single one is a triple shot. The largest was a 4 shot with the same design as the triple with different colours.
  11. Size 3 were 2 shot, size 4 were three shot and size 5 were four shot, air Bombs were always green, Screechers red, Screamers blue and Star Shells a dark blue, then you had the batteries of 6, 9 and 12 shots.
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  12. that's right peter ,
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    As an aside - I recall doing a Standard customer show @Rugeley Power Station. We used some factory reject display pack Air Bomb Repeaters. They were like 3 or 4 tubes, blue tape, red labels on a square stake I think. About "knee high" - and usual white match. They were factory rejects and could explode mid-way - else they might have given me one for the collection !?! I DO have a pic of same somewhere...IF I ever come across - will post. The green with red explosion motif above is *perhaps* my all time favourite of any firework ever...wow...Best, JW.
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    Presumably a taller version of these
  15. jww


    Yes, I suspect you're correct ! - many many summers ago. Interestingly, one of the team was the chap who invented the "Bullseye" set piece / wheel. Funny what one remembers...Thanks for picture - the mighty Air Bomb...wow...
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    I have some available for sale as well.
    You still local to Rugeley ?
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    Thanks - I don't live near Rugeley - but we did meet @Rudyard once - I was buying one or two specifics I recall :) I don't actively collect to be fair, and am pondering disposing of my collection so others can enjoy - we shall see :)
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    I remember that, your parents were over by the Wrekin if I'm remembering correctly. That was a few years back now........ trust you are keeping well.
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  19. Screechers were purple then they changed to the red design