I found these today, do they have any value?

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  1. Hi,

    I was clearing out my garage today and found three little vintage fireworks.
    Just wondering that they'd be worth?

    There's a Wizard Flash Gun, Standard 3-2-1 ZERO and a Standard Little Demon.

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. ashley_ng

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  3. Richard Lane

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    Escht's your best bet..I know something of bangers values..but he's arguably the world authority on British Bangers..R
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    Agree with richard that Escht’s always going on about bangers ......i think he likes them :rolleyes:
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  5. Escht

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    They are coming here to live, the Wizard one is settling in with the other Wizard examples........... the other 2 no doubt will one day find a new caring owner that will cherish them for what they are...........
    The most important thing I know about British Bangers is that there are far more types than I have or know about and most importantly I know I can never find them all nor am I even going to try......... it's just nice to add a ferw more when the chance arises.... I can think of several people who would know more about bangers than I do,...
    Don't even think that my collection is the largest in the country, just probably the only one where they are all displayed together.........
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  6. Escht

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    what are you trying to say ? :p
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    ;)C'on Kev...you are the Banger Man bar none...:rolleyes::cool:;)
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