I switched a DB04r on and off 1000 times...

Discussion in 'Firing Systems And Fusing Fireworks' started by Pyro Pete, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Pyro Pete

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    ... to see if we could put our minds at rest about the possibility of a power surge happening which could ignite the cues. Let's see what happened:


    This test was done because of previous posts about a power surge (a Galactic Fireworks video?) which ignited all four cues and to this day, continues to make us a bit paranoid about this unit.
  2. Good effort, next do an ESD test :p
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  3. Pyro Pete

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    Tell me more :)
  4. RCT

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    Now I would be paranoid about it failing due to over use ! Perhaps you should keep a spare on off button just in case :).
    Can we have a mashup of the two please, but perhaps add some of the cheapest e match available from e bay .
    1000 portfire, 1000 cheap e match , fired a 1000 times with the DBO4R, full length version please .
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  5. You either need something that generates static electricity, or a lot of rubbing a balloon on the carpet and a lot of luck, lol

    ESD is one of the bigger issues when it comes to electronics that are not designed to handle it, and because it is very rare, especially in our wet UK climate, you don't see it as much - nor can test for it easily.
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  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you @Pyro Pete - the firework world's Yoko Ono :p
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    Thought I was the only one who was a bit paranoid and uses a ESD bracelet hooked to ground when messing around with fusing haha @Wireless Pyro Solutions
  8. Jon

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    You have probably worn the cheap Chinese switch contacts out now lol

    You could argue that every switch on is an independent statistical event, so it doesn't matter how many you do, it's still unsafe :p

    Edit: can I just say that the quality of your video is excellent, that is sooooooo difficult to achieve I don't think people really appreciate.
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    I dont go as far as the bracelet, even when building a pc, just regular touches of something metal and grounded suits me.
  10. Dayle Ward

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    Another masterpiece! @Pyro Pete cannot wait for the next blockbuster,
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  11. I never took static electricity seriously, till I experienced an environment where it is dry and cold and you are getting shocked by almost everything.
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  14. nickjee

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    Sorry to bump this old thread, but has anyone used these type units at sub zero temperatures? It stands to be -2° here by midnight.... should I be worried?
  15. PyroAsh

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    Energizer lithium batteries are your friend in cold weather. They are good to -40, can't see the temperature effecting the units themselves.
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  16. nickjee

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    Nice one, thanks mate!
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  17. nickjee

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    So I'm happy with my batteries...
    Now I'm panicking about the visco..
    I'm using consumer matches onto visco, which has been outside set up for hours and it's now -2°. Does visco freeze?
    Sorry if this is a stupid question..
  18. Pyro Pete

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    There's nothing to freeze as such - just make sure nothing gets wet or damp. Do you have a Rothy or torch as a back up?
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  19. nickjee

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    Cheers @Pyro Pete !
    All the connections are taped, and anything green is off the ground! Fingers crossed!!!
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  20. Jon

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    As a followup to PyroPete's video I recently attempted to answer the question whether switch bounce could induce a high enough current for the significant time it would need to fire an igniter.

    Although this test is not going to be highly accurate it does show that the fault that caused misfires is probably not from the switch. If it was then this would only effect Gen1.

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