ICI PIC Red and Yellow

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  1. We have been organising the magazines at Kimbolton and have found a whole load of interesting bits and pieces. One of the older items is a full roll of red PIC; rather than cut into it, does anyone know the burn rate for the red? Found a load of the original yellow as well!
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  2. WoW.

    I heard there was some VERY interesting pieces (8" Italian cylinders anyone) but it sounds like you've found even more since having a good sort out.
  3. Jon

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    Wasn't red their "special slow"? Not sure it on the actual burn rate...maybe burn some :p
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    I’m sure brown was very fast - around 12 inches per second burn rate, then the regular yellow/green that everyone used to use is about 1 inch per second. Then there was the rarer blue variant - that was very slow from memory, but can’t remember how slow.

    Never seen red though - could be an interesting find!
  5. This PIC is very definitely red, we have the brown type as well. The red was made in 1990.
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    There’s only one way to find out then...
    :dontask: :D
  7. Light and run!