if FAB sold fireworks.....

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  1. paul s

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  2. Arthur

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    You simply haven't seen anything till you see a huge marquee on the side of the road piled high with fireworks.
  3. hofnerite

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    Plenty of new names for fireworks there Celtic! :D
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  4. FAB do sell fireworks and your more than welcome to the demo night where you will see quality pyro from FAB, Prestigious, Celtic & Absolute you should come along as its obvious you not seen any quality pyro for a long time :whistle::chair:

  5. paul s

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    Can just see you in a stetson, Saj.
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  6. You only wish you could fit one on your head ;) pmsl
  7. paul s

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    You're just happy because because tomorrow night's weather forecast is very good! :cool:
  8. I’m always happy!

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  9. paul s

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    ROFLMAO......got a youtube link?
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  10. scoops

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    What the hell does that mean? I must be getting old
  11. paul s

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    Rolling on the floor laughing my arse off.......(it means it was rather humorous).
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  12. Jon

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    You need to watch the whole scene, it was hilarious....especially Herb.

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