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  1. Just wondering if anywhere has any ignite modules instock after 2 and cases
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    Try @Firework Crazy

    Personally I wouldn't go for the suggested peli case, there are better suited tuppaware boxes out there. As my case won't close with the aerial folded down, I am awaiting the extenders but even still its a bit tight with all 18 cues on the go.
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  4. Hi
    I have looked at firework crazy it says pre-order aug/Sept available in December. Yeah I'll look at the tuppaware box's thank you
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    I've looked at a few Sponsors and Dynamic (9 in stock) and Chorlton both showing in stock, so it's out there if you look.
  6. Great thank you wasn't sure where was the best to look ill get over there now
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    i got mine with the peli case and it was fine for me i fit the charger and stuff under it and have the antenna on the top of the lid with i added myself. all 18 slots was used on bonfire night and the lid was able to still close :)
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    FWC have new stock o the way :)
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    That's good news, as when last spoke with them they were running short.
    Second module now back on the menu for Christmas pressie to myself...
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  11. New toy has arrived x2

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  12. We have a couple left in stock for anyone who might need them
  13. Thank you that delivery was exceptionally quick.
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  14. We don’t hang around :) thank you for the order it’s greatly appreciated.
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