Information Igniter number, length and series/parallel calculator

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  1. Right, yes the e-match will be exactly the same an e-match without the special plastic shroud. I wasn't aware that type were called Consumer Match.

    Different e-matches do vary in their electrical current requirements and how much the tolerances wander around over certain batches. However as a general rule, 1 Amp through an e-match will make it reliably ignite (in reality the current is usually much lower but you have to account for the outliers). This is an area where a decent quality e-match like the JTEC ones we sell come into their own over the Chinese / cheapy versions.

    Also worth noting that the JTECs are lead free and so are fine for confined space use (indoors etc) and also are incredibly friction insensitive. Take a piece of sandpaper to the JTEC e-match vs a Chinese one and you'll see what I mean.

    Cheers, Andrew.
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  2. To be clear, you wrote "3x1 mtr e matches in series" where I think you meant "3 x 1M in parallel". That's certainly what your diagram shows on the left.

    Try to always wire e-match in series (right hand side of diagram) because you'll get a correct continuity reading, and if one happens to fire and create a dead short rather than an open circuit it's not going to prevent the others from firing.

    The caveat to this is always make sure you are using the same brand of e-match in your chain, and preferably a decent quality one, to ensure they all pop at the same time.

    Cheers, Andrew.