Ignorance of the law

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  1. A FB post from our local constabulary this evening. Turns out someone has got their hands on proper army flashbangs and is setting them off around midnight and p***ing off the locals in (the centre of) town. So illegal on a few fronts.However for North Wales Police to post what they have is taking the p***

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    Well corrected if that's you posting on there FB page mate, lol.
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    I seen this on Wrexham. Com twitter page as I’m also local ish. A few people on twitter have commented on the post to let them know what the law states.
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  4. I would have hoped that a policing team would have a little more knowledge of the law than they do, or at least have easy access to the information that they should consult and refer to before making a statement on any public or private platform. Quite worrying really :confused:.

    Mind you, I'm not surprised. Both my main hobbies, Pyro and Green Laning are followed round by a cloud of misconceptions, and narrow minded individuals who can't see past their own noses. And in both cases it now seems that local policing teams will fall for the misinformation of the anti brigades, and unknowingly contradict the letter of the law.

    I have been confronted a few times in the Peak District, Derbyshire Dales, North Wales, locally, North York Moors and Salisbury plains by both police and groups of anti's (mainly ramblers of the same demographic that makes up the anti firework lot). This is usually due to reports from anti's who don't lie to compromise and share the same byways (roads) that they like to walk or ride on, despite legal status of the road and it's vehicular rights of way. They will often confuse us with the small minority of illegal off-roaders out there to trash our pastime, which for some with walking disabilities is the only proper countryside access they get. As I know from leading a couple of trips.

    Nothing a bit of cold hard evidence and facts can't sort out, but it's an inconvenience and a bit of a downer on an otherwise very enjoyable (and filthy) weekend away.
    And it's the same with pyro (except I haven't had any first hand police trouble from that).

    I suspect the cause of this was the same. A few anti's club together and waste a bit of police time with complaints, gobbing off that " fireworks are only for bonfire night", and the police, non the wiser, respond as they have to be seen to "do something" as they've recieved a complaint.
    Why can't they just tell the whinging gits to bugger off, and correct them on their legal errors?

    The police should know a lot better than this, and need to do their research more. Especially as they are the ones out to enforce the laws!
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