I'm Back!!

Discussion in 'Fireworks Forum Chat And Discussion' started by Richard Lane, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Richard Lane

    Richard Lane Supports UKFR

    Hi everybody ..
    I'm back..having moved 150 miles across England..and all that entails!! been absolutely buried ...happy so say that I've now surfaced!
    Pleased to see the Forum is a vibrant as ever..Cheers everybody.:)o_O:D
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  2. RocketRev

    RocketRev Moderator Supports UKFR

    Welcome back!:)
    I've also just moved, but only 10 miles.
  3. Welcome back.
  4. Richard Lane

    Richard Lane Supports UKFR

    Thanks chaps...missed the jolly Banter!:eek:o_O:mad::)