Cake/Barrage Imperial Lotus IL88

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    30mm 25 shot , firing in Banks of 5,
    NEQ 500g from memory ? CAT 3
    Filmed Nov 2019 from 50m approx.
    Glitter tails to bursts of Purple with yellow/gold glitter effect, Camera dosn’t pick up the yellow very well. Almost gives a layered effect of purple above and the yellow glitter just beneath. A very interesting different colour combination , not often seen.
    Video and commentary dosn’t do this one Justice ! Video above is a pair being fired.
    Only criticism would be the timings between the 2 cakes are off, as I found with a lot of the first imported products landed.
    All the stock videos on YouTube are a fair , honest reflection of the actual landed products, which is great to see.
    Looking forward to much more Imperial Lotus products in 2020.