Cake/Barrage Imperial Lotus IL91

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    Filmed Nov 2019 from 75m
    25mm 20mm & 30mm 70 shot NEQ 800g F3
    Fired in a V with Jib..jab.. in the middle with a 15sec delay.
    I tried quite a few different combinations last year as experiments, and this was one that really worked. It produces 3 totally different effects, but it does then all very well. Large breaks, good colours, perfect timings. Slowly gets faster as it runs through .Runs for just under a minute, Very good cake , very good value !
    I wasn’t expecting it too go that high, so this year will increase the angles and maybe try something different in the middle
    ( Suggestions welcome )
    A bit of a strange cake this one, but I loved it fired in a V.