Cake/Barrage Imperial Lotus IMP 022 49 Shot

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  1. RRP = £79.99
    49 Shots

    Footage from the Lets Party review night 2018:

    It doesn't show so well in this footage but this had the biggest bursts of all of the fireworks fired at this review night :)
  2. Andy Dighton

    Andy Dighton Supports UKFR

    Bursts were huge. I had to order one from Glen before it finished firing.:)
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  3. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    That's an expensive 20 seconds, but Wow!!
  4. hofnerite

    hofnerite UKFR Stash Photo 2018 Winner! Supports UKFR

    Oceanic on 'roids!
  5. I use these in displays the 19 shot ones are mighty tasty as well.
  6. Only £45 on the review night not even a pound a shot
  7. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    That’s a stunning piece!
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  8. Jeepers. That looks massive. Well worth the price.