Cake/Barrage Imperial Lotus IMP014

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    IMP-014, also seen advertised as IL-014
    Lebel says IMP-014 Garden Gold !
    30mm 25shot firing in banks of 5. NEQ 500g from memory.
    I bought a case of these purely on the fact that all the 30mm 25 shot fanned cakes performed very well and I bought at a very good price.
    Garden Gold - didn’t know what to expect from this one , so I fired one at New Year as a trial, and OMG I was stunned at how good this was. Large thick gold Brockades, tipped with blue filled the sky. Effects were large and thick, colours vibrant, filled a good 30m of sky. Timings perfect, effects perfect, by far the best 25shot fan I’v fired from the range.
    I couldn’t find any videos or any info on this product at all anywhere, not even from Imperial Lotus themselves.
    I love my pyro and this ticked all the boxes,
    if you find some, buy you won’t be disappointed!
    Regrettably I didn’t film it, I wasn’t expecting it to be that WOW !
    I’m toying with using 3 for VE Day celebration, if so will post then.
    If not will have to wait until Nov 2020 ☹️