Importing Maltese multi breaks 2018

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by elmo, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. elmo

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  2. I didn't think anyone in Malta could get CE?
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  3. Chesterfield Fireworks

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    Loving the noise those things produce, that bottom hit is awesome, make sure your volumes turned up to get the full effect :)
  4. Aaron Ashberry

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  5. I too thought this. Being 1.1g how would you transport?
    I have contacts in a few factories in Malta if I can help.
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  6. elmo

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    Have you watched the video clip?:rolleyes:
  7. Unfortunately it won't play for me.
    What factory is it?
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  8. elmo

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  9. Madfish

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    Agree, does someone need to go test the production version? ;) :D
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  10. Glad I was wearing headphones!
  11. kamikersie

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    I wasnt :whistle: :chair:
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  12. DannyB

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    Nor was I....
  13. Just watched the video on my iPad.
    I was only talking to Nigel about a trip to Malta for his crew on Saturday @elmo .
  14. elmo

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    I know, I was in the office while he was talking to you, I’m defiantly in ;)
  15. You'd be more than welcome mate. If you want to be 'involved' come to a feast rather than the festival, the security at the festival is to restrictive. No set dates yet but the ones I recommend would be roughly middle June, beginning of September, or the feast of st Mary on 14/15 August to include the famous Mqabba single shots.
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  16. elmo

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    Been wanting to get to st Marys for ages:)
  17. That was not a Maltese multi break shell nor was the video filmed in Malta, just saying.
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  18. Ozzieuk

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    How do you have time to research this quality material at this time of year.
    That's a safe visco. Nice time to safely retreat.
  19. That hasn't just remotely embarrassed me in the company in which I sat watching the clip!
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  20. elmo

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    Just trying to bring a little bit of light humour to an otherwise stressful few weeks :rolleyes: