injury numbers in 2020.

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  1. Im wondering if anyone has got the 2020 statistics for fireworks related injuries.

    Would be interesting to see how this compared to previous years given the increase in home displays across the UK.
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    It would be interesting to know how much of an increase in sales there actually was. I know some were suggesting sales were down with others saying they were well up, maybe it was more of a regional thing depending on what the rules were in that area?
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    W39 Discharge of firework 169 bed days

    W39 Discharge of firework 184 bed days

    W39 Discharge of firework 165 bed days

    W39 Discharge of firework 154 bed days

    W39 Discharge of firework 154 bed days - weirdly exactly the same! And I've double checked this!

    Just for comparison

    W54 Bitten or struck by dog 8,933 bed days

    So doesn't take a genius to see that fireworks are extremely safe and that the injury rate is falling.

    We won't know the full 2020 effect until the 20/21 stats are out.
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    The difference between W39 and W54 is quite sobering really. Puts it into perspective.
  5. That's it we must ban all dogs.

    or perhaps we should ban alcohol. According to NHS digital "In 2017/18 there were 338 thousand estimated admissions where the main reason for admission to hospital was attributable to alcohol (narrow measure)."

    seriously though @hofnerite thank you for the numbers they will help in educating people.
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  7. This needs to be sent out to all MP's so when they receive emails from those wanting to ban fireworks, this will help balance the argument and they'll have real facts rather than believing what those against fireworks want them to believe.

    Is this something that someone on here could take charge on, perhaps creating a new dedicated thread so members on here can email it to their local MP's, and we can keep a list of what area's have been covered so it can be spread far and wide?

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    Causes of death are very much a topic of debate at the moment since the COVID-19 death figures were introduced. So I'd also be interested in seeing the fatality figures comparison for fireworks & dog attacks etc. As a vicar I've been closely involved with the aftermath of a child's death by dog attack, which is why it's an issue of interest to me.
  9. Shame it's not broken down further into firework types that caused the injury. I hazard a bet if you get burnt by the bonfire or toasting a marshmallow its put down as a firework related injury if you tell them it was a firework party you were attending.
  10. Sparklers easy number 1 followed by tits with 8 shot candles
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    Deaths for 2001 - 2019 can be found here
    The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) has been used to classify cause of death.
    Code for Bitten by dog is W054
    Code for Discharge of firework is W039
    Make sure you search for all entries for the year as they are broken down into age groups as well.
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    I make it 7 deaths (which includes manufacturing accidents and professional-use-only fireworks as well as professional pyrotechnic use) in 10 years for fireworks.
    And 73 deaths from dog bites during the same period.

    It's official - dogs are far more deadly than fireworks (and dog-related deaths are increasing)
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  13. I do miss a good 8 shot candle, flashing thunder by brightstar was my favourite. However they ain't wand kids no matter what Harry Potter says :p. Still think sparklers are the most dangerous item availible :eek:
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    So that includes deaths at work..... a tragedy and one that happens all too often across many types of job. Meaning deaths to the general public are less. Maybe there have been some "at work" dog bite related deaths. I wonder though, how different the ratio of firework to dog caused deaths is if the work related ones are taken out?