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    Wonder if someone can help.

    is anyone on here a member and would they be prepared to refer me to join?

    12 years experience lead firer and working with pyrotechnics in the field. Want to look to speak and engage with the wider explosives industry such as find out about opportunities in demolition and stage/theatrical work.

    Seems like a good place to start.


    Thanks in advance,
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  2. Illusion Fireworks

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    Hi Tom

    I am a full member of the Institute, the person referring you does need to know you but it is worth speaking to them and seeing what your options are, have you contacted the Institute?

    They hold some great events and the monthly magazine is a fantastic read.

    PM me if you want to know more?


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  3. Jon

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    I have to confess that is why I am not a member :( I have wanted to join for 5 years but I don't know another member of the institute well enough to ask for a reference....
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    I got wind of this and would love to become a member! Sounds interesting as it is a broad subject and not specifically fireworks as with the bpa.
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