Insurance for cat2 and cat3 displays

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  1. Good evening I'm Adam I'm just wondering if anyone on here will no wear I could get annual insurance for the use of cat2 and cat3 fireworks only.
    I've been doing displays using these for about 2/3 years now and a couple of wedding venues have been in contact with me for displays for there events I can find insurance for 5 million but I'm finding it really hard for 10million.

    Thank in advance for the help
  2. Welcome :)
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    :welcome: I'm sure someone will be along soon to help.
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  4. paul s

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    Adam, have you discussed it with your current insurer?
    Some will offer bespoke cover.
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  5. Hi all
    I currently haven't needed insurance due to the venues been oready covered for them but I'm trying to find it annual I can get it for each event but not annually
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    I take it you're being paid, registered company and all that?
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  7. No I haven't been paid for any at the moment but looking in to it that's why I've asked about insurance
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    Maybe you need to take a better look at what you propose to do.

    Have you had any training, know how to set-up a display for minimal risk?

    Do you know how to carry-out Risk Assessments, H&S on site, plus transport & storage etc?

    You'll no doubt need to set-up a company so the "venues" can invoice you for Tax purposes.

    Don't want to appear negative here, but there's a lot to consider. plus a huge amount of responsibility.
    Having insurance isn't enough, especially as the Buck will stop firmly at you if something goes tits-up.

    Take care and good luck!!
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    Welcome along
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    The Illuminate consult course seems to cover lots of essential learning in two days.
    Person with Responsibility is the company manager's and the chief firer's place in the litigation hierarchy. PWSK is their course for firers and assistants.

    The use of F2 and F3 material opens up availability of material with smaller marked safety distances which makes displays possible in small sites for which no F4 stock is suitable. BUT it comes a huge price disadvantage unless you can buy large quantities or already run a firework shop.
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    Hi Arthur, suggest you have a look at for annual insurance cover.

    It might be easier for you to "partner" with an established company in the area who could bring you under their umbrella in terms of insurance and training. They could probably use you as crew elsewhere and you could bring an established customer base to them. Just a thought...
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    Apologies, my previous message should have been directed to Adam.