ISF 2020

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    I’d rather just go to the feasts
    Lot less money, more hands on :cool:
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  2. I'm the same, even the Maltese don't know what's happening
    I'd love to know what this entitles you to. Any of the shows will be viewable from anywhere. I can't see them closing the square for the ground fireworks if they are moved to October.
    99% agree, unless Dominator do the closing show. Might need some crew ;);)
    Was also talking to @Damp Squib about June yesterday, not sure if anyone's up for it
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    It's essentially a conference with firework entertainment in the evening, so it costs like any other conference. Venue hire must account for a substantial chunk of the budget I'd imagine.

    This is the schedule from Mexico last time.

    "Registration for the 17th International Symposium on Fireworks includes entry to receptions, meals and refreshment breaks, all technical sessions (paper presentations), workshops, full access to the Trade Show, and all events and activities organized by the Mexico Host Committee (MHC)."
  4. I must admit I got bored reading that... let alone sitting through half of them. The only bit that would interest me would be the trade show and gala dinner.
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