It’s that time again!!

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    Well here we are again ..and I bring you my annual photo montage celebration of the big night…gleaned from my collection gathered o er many many years ..enjoy!!… 610805F5-C7C0-44E5-A3E0-D649CA0AD980.jpeg F53624C9-EDC2-41EE-98BA-9CDCF21BC2BB.jpeg 5D77F51A-A4F7-426E-9AAE-0692E8C77CF0.jpeg 5D39F2DC-C151-4595-ADE4-901E73F6A92A.jpeg DAF5FD45-1A77-4E19-9D1C-77C7EA3B129E.jpeg A8DFEA35-1F07-4357-9141-6D000E8780F1.jpeg DF8D8173-0DCC-45D3-B77B-B27D7213D662.jpeg 92F2EBDC-DB82-4441-95F4-63DBA0ABC043.jpeg 4478B0F2-3FD6-4FE5-8435-5F45EAED7B0C.jpeg 5A616645-EAAF-4D8F-AF28-FCDF195E3271.jpeg B08E6087-2298-4E97-9A41-9D4DA84B7A01.jpeg BB7997C7-1720-43DC-A291-14E3552D6685.jpeg B13183D1-00F3-463D-8B3B-29E91657EADD.jpeg 705BEE87-B6AF-4C13-89D7-A07348E414B2.jpeg 929FB6AF-F503-44FE-A95C-48A8EDF4D740.jpeg 9723F349-15AA-400E-9698-EF2E3BD27D8E.jpeg 26BC3210-1D4B-4AED-9637-6D260771317B.jpeg 72DFEC46-9A34-4781-B3C0-6D785C2BC81D.jpeg D68AA4DE-95B0-4C45-ABEA-E0D7F09D471F.jpeg A13E7C65-0311-4792-A3F0-6B72275C20B1.jpeg 245B3B98-DFCF-4AC5-B5AB-6F96546321D8.jpeg 28869F10-9D2F-4F48-A07E-67FE8787FB72.jpeg 0AD3B141-95C4-43D9-81C6-99FDFD2334CC.jpeg 77CA6DA8-AA27-4B8A-A0EB-10A9336BDEF5.jpeg 739A3CA7-EC11-43CF-9C45-416AA6986452.jpeg 494F6E89-925C-48E4-AF9F-0AC4B51BF2C6.jpeg 5487AC64-C827-4097-B7B3-D0D147A56051.jpeg 2C001988-D9F2-4D18-B462-ECC9AD6FDC83.jpeg 23385545-E8BB-4118-A3BA-DB57CEFE2027.jpeg 0880B450-9DF2-4BA4-B81D-67A2782408BB.jpeg D8EDE2BD-CDBD-4205-9029-1F02FADA224F.jpeg B18CBC9B-3E40-4AB1-8E3C-CA8728FA0104.jpeg 7AC2DEB5-9F5B-470F-85DD-D08C3D1F35A3.jpeg 7124A94E-240C-411F-8028-84A0E1EB45B9.jpeg 9BE4D349-41E2-4E3C-8662-1C718EB0E16A.jpeg 56FDF749-0DA5-40A3-9863-FE3E186514E9.jpeg 0B0F52E8-B750-4393-A84D-5B344A29DA75.jpeg BEF6BF06-237F-43F1-8A10-D68E57352668.jpeg 0224AA36-2411-40D3-AF63-FC4C258733C9.jpeg 663CDAD5-013E-45EA-8D1E-856C894A6CB8.jpeg 778095EB-8007-466A-95A6-52E8179A0FB2.jpeg A47B6D3E-FF7E-40B1-9B63-4343BF34F897.jpeg E9DEB12F-D109-401A-9101-FA2AE4AC41FB.jpeg 289A69E6-45A3-41E9-BA9B-A72B964BC7EB.jpeg 63608E85-CFE3-4FC8-98C8-FC26D852038E.jpeg FBD214F1-62BC-476F-8725-6E1C66322CCC.jpeg 3829C1E1-B239-4513-A4A3-A79D33EDD84C.jpeg 22C4DE7A-24BF-4594-84E6-A26BE5BFDB7E.jpeg 3569514B-30E5-4920-BD8A-D823F08D1EE6.jpeg F58EBBD2-0488-4ADD-833F-E02D8B0D13AF.jpeg 97D87632-5CF9-459A-B579-36036C07ACFF.jpeg 4F9B1AE9-EEF8-4534-9D80-1202B21C291A.jpeg F0F2A3D3-A09A-4121-8DBE-DE2D46EA92AD.jpeg E03CC106-4973-4108-B1F2-EDF76E0526C8.jpeg A695BFBC-FC22-46DF-863A-DA5DD64398B7.jpeg 4776868A-39B3-409B-9CAE-9363985809BD.jpeg 1D067195-A935-4F66-A0F8-F78235E3C778.jpeg BBD46FC3-6C98-4019-B455-3E7568806704.jpeg CA6A8244-2AA1-45DE-993C-CD70B4EA0A61.jpeg 75906AF3-685B-4E5B-BF7B-1C2630453729.jpeg 5F40E289-01BD-4A80-B213-487709F26369.jpeg B49A3E4C-24D7-438C-8FA1-158ECC4F06F9.jpeg 03387350-1FBA-4385-ACAC-130749DF9F40.jpeg EDB01139-8928-4C7D-86A6-B9F413B0183D.jpeg 1C144167-1AD3-49BC-B97A-B4ABDCC180A7.jpeg 4557485B-3449-461D-8A90-1F06F28472F1.jpeg 6F0E94AC-EA90-4B56-9DCB-40C2BA626F69.jpeg 6FBACA80-4F02-427C-AAF2-7A47C0AFD108.jpeg A88A678F-EE20-47F7-8656-30BED52B4E0D.jpeg 5FDD98D4-8F4C-4CC8-A5FB-24349DB5F7AC.jpeg 22858999-06F2-4DF6-B7F3-3FBD21D9FDC8.jpeg 06C36F44-D650-4EFB-9D13-FF62A5A42D94.jpeg 82D312F6-9E01-47BD-B342-13527D039A1C.jpeg 6F6362E1-E684-424D-9B86-5EFA7548042D.jpeg 148D0D4D-CBF5-44D7-8ACD-62C57E80FCD7.jpeg 9BD6310F-C273-44D1-9790-7C054AB38956.jpeg 74BA27A5-46E1-4D0B-AA8B-2C3A2E3590B3.jpeg EDA88DA9-FE8A-4CEF-9CE5-2DD36FC583FA.jpeg F8AC1AE2-1489-4267-8BAB-D79B0B409CFE.jpeg A4A1A032-8FC3-49FF-9B51-BC782CEE5C71.jpeg 44C9BF0D-10CC-4C51-B602-A632495C3ACC.jpeg AF065E17-8E69-413D-BAE0-8E7DD7F65F63.jpeg DDC5CD56-C764-434C-8B1D-F4117CCBC020.jpeg 6D332C8F-97A2-49DC-AE72-F8E1F5D3F7FF.jpeg 98B3E70F-D388-4F90-9FBC-E4ACB84827FF.jpeg 2C565648-EBFF-465B-8E66-105B99F85D4B.jpeg D0127EAD-7057-4ECB-8F69-42F3FB72B87C.jpeg 3D8D4F90-DD2A-4833-B953-5B01A58E83FF.jpeg 56835931-8E2D-4EF8-9C5A-0C1089C091B6.jpeg AC89F067-6C12-4CF2-920C-6FA20417950F.jpeg 4574CD28-9A09-47F5-8314-93B78BAF0482.jpeg 6DC465E2-5C8A-470E-A332-FC18C2056691.jpeg 0A59A209-7F7F-478B-94C8-4E01A9FC2C2A.jpeg 15A78322-5412-4494-80E5-EA9916B3A9DB.jpeg
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    Excellent stuff. There's two of my photos in there including a stuck wheel at a demo night :D
  3. Richard Lane

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    The infamous “wonky nail” no doubt!o_O:rolleyes:
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  4. Thanks for posting Richard. Wishing everyone back home a great Fifth of November.
  5. Ensure that the wheel will spin freely. To quote Standard....
  6. Ray loves cakes

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    Greats pics thanks for posting.

    My obviously corrupt mind did read one slightly incorrectly at first as “Play safe with Wes sex fireworks”:toldoff:
  7. jww

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    Phew, 4th Nov already - does not seem like five minutes since... Thanks Richard, that's a really excellent effort - something for everyone and big infusion of nostalgia !!!

    I was just pondering - the last very few years - wth Haloween being target by US led revenue generation - there has been less and less and less "coverage" of bonfire night in the media.

    I think the radio *might* mention it when giving the weather forecast, but apart from that - nothing. Less than nothing. Supermarket leaflet, a Standard Shop advert on social media - that's about it.

    Tell you what, so so glad I lived thru' the ( ok a ) golden era of pyro - it was golden enough for me anyway.

    When I think of my little collection Size 20 rockets, Std Mines, Astra bits and pieces, Kimbolton material, a few weird and wonderful bits from China plus the Std 20 box, the single items, 3 shot air bomb, Brocks 3 motor triangle wheel, some 50's shop goods, jumping jack, (rip rap), hand helds and other - glad that bit has been preserved as a reminder of such happy bonfire nights of past days - wow - what a privilege, what a delight :)

    P.S. my very ancient mum was mentioning pyro when I visited last night - she still lives ( with dad ) in the house she was born in - so I may well nip down and do a couple fountains - same place she's watched them for 80+ not !
  8. Escht

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    Just fired part one of our fireworks for this evening, the grandkids just didn't want to wait any longer. Firing a pile of old Kimbolton, Fireworks Factory and assorted other pieces that I've picked up over the years that nobody seems to collect. No misfires so far.
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    Lovely images, Richard. Thanks for posting these. The monochrome photos of long distant Bonfire Nights are a complete joy, especially the photo of the boys clambering over the bonfire - do you know where this was taken?

    (and it's nice to see my Firework Art cover has made it into the images! Part of pyro history!!)
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  10. Richard Lane

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    Mark…of course Firework Art’s cover was included…epitome of childhood and fireworks imagery!..lovely!
    The age of the Band W photos I guess were snapped sometime in the 50’s …maybe late 40’s…..I like the Lowryesq images in partic as well…R
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    Thanks Richard. What a perfect way to usher in Bonfire night. Just brought all those memories rushing back of being that excited kid in the 70's + 80's when my Dad came home with a box or two of fireworks and some rockets...
    Magical times...
  12. wonderful montage Richard such happy memories of those wonderful November 5th days...thank you
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  13. Firefiend

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    Wonderful memories! Thank you.
  14. Where we used to live there was a wooded area called the beck ,that ran down the back of houses , people used to have fires all the way down , we would visit each fire back in the day and set a few fireworks off at each one .There used to be a great community spirit back then , now there is not a single fire. The next morning i would go searching for downed rockets and other fireworks .
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