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Discussion in 'Fireworks Forum Chat And Discussion' started by Pyro Ed, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Pyro Ed

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    Perhaps I'm an old fart, but that fireworks marmite group on Facebook seems great in promoting the missuse of fireworks? The latest being launching rockets with broken sticks. Can't help but think this will have a detrimental effect on the perception of all of us.
  2. nickjee

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    Just saw that and thought the exact same thing mate! Not what you want to be seeing!
  3. Benpem

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    Ive also seen a couple of stash pictures with bangers in them which doesn't help
  4. Same here with the bangers, one bloke must have had 60 or more different packs including the larger Dum Bums!
  5. maxywell

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    I don't think everyone who posts on there is from the UK.
  6. Pyro Ed

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    OK, so I'm not the only one. This will not end well.
  7. Pyro Ed

    Pyro Ed Pro Firer/Crew

    I'm sure you're right, but the anti's won't care about that.
  8. Totally agree, but given that facefook has just got around to banning holocaust denail: it's unlikely to be bothered about firework misuse :(

    That said, there might be some hope with the new laws mentioned in Leeds: like the police have proactive powers and could use facebook posts as evidence if someone is being a twat. That said too, there is a flip side to this, it feels a bit like "Big Brother" if they do that.

    I'd say avoid that kind of group.