It's too far til Guy Fawkes....!!! :(

Discussion in 'Fireworks Forum Chat And Discussion' started by deans6571, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. deans6571

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    ....I already have my 2020 stash sitting in boxes in my garage (bought in December!) - I'm getting withdrawal symptoms (its also too blimmin cold at the moment to start tinkering!) !!!! :p
  2. elmo

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    It is a bit November weather out there........
    Seeing as you have some stash, pop out tonight and light a bit !!

    Then its a good excuse to buy more for this season :rolleyes:
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  3. Pyro Pete

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    Great opportunity also to get in here with one of the earliest stash shots :)
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  4. BarnOwl

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    Hope this qualifies as one of the earliest stash shots, Or a very late one depending on how you view it..
  5. danielpyronutter

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    What I would give to fire that lot :)
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  6. I remember when Standard first bought those cakes out as i bought every one of them!
  7. paul s

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    Glitter Blitz is mega loud.
  8. Well I have booked off work for weekend of the 7th/8th!
  9. Im slowly putting my thoughts into our show this year already :) going for more quiter peices this year I think!!
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  10. This year Saturday 31st is the "Saturday" before guy fawkes - and of course is also Halloween. Does anyone do fireworks on this date? Or is it more likely that people will do thir show the Saturday 7th? I might have booked the wrong weekend off :/
  11. deans6571

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    ...7th more than likely for me (weather permitting of course!).

  12. It depends on thw venue, hosting something that would bring more money in could be better for some people but id imagine both weekends will be firework heavy :)
  13. works for me!
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