Japan anyone?

Discussion in 'Firework Events And Displays' started by ambientskies, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. ambientskies

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    You could just skip to number 1, by why would you...

    Really want to check those flights
  2. gareth71

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    Beautiful. You can keep your "world's biggest shell" attempts, and all that jazz - the craftsmanship and detail in those shells is more impressive than something absolutely massive that fails to even function properly! Quality beats quantity.
  3. Exbombhead

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    I know they keep their recipes and designs very secret but what stops other manufacturers from trying to copy them?

    Everything else seems to be copied these days but I’ve not seen anyone attempt to mimic some of the high end Japanese stuff.

    (Cue someone about to bombard this thread with hundreds of European disco shells of the same quality) :chair:
  4. Flare Path

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    A LOT of Japanese culture is based on pride. Therefore, you can absolutely guarantee that anything with public interest at the heart of it, will be done the Japanese way - to a stupidly high time consuming standard and in secret. They would wouldn't want anyone copying them if they feel they're huge innovators in a certain area - fireworks here, for example.
  5. Matthew Tosh

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    Having witnessed a shell being built using chopsticks to place individual stars in a pistil, I can vouch for the care, attention and absolute pride that goes into building a Japanese shell. Fireworks are deeply embedded in Japanese culture. The firing of a shell is seen as an analogy of life itself. The firework effect grows into the sky, it bursts to develop into its adult stage, ages and then dies. Deep stuff, I know, but it really is a whole different level as @Flare Path and @gareth71 have hinted above.
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  6. Arthur

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    Probably something to do with the cost, the UK's limited safety distances available, and the fact that the general public wouldn't appreciate a "one special shell a minute" show.
  7. ambientskies

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    I felt the same with the Maltese guys, a religious thing for sure. Watching them make those cylinder multi-breaks with such precision & pride, I now understand why they send them up one at a time. I even watched people cross themselves watching them go up, and it seemed they knew who made each one.

    Still looking at budgets for Japan though...