Jessop and Kilners new Firework factory 1903

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    A3C65CE2-09D7-42CB-8BF2-0820096B23AC.jpeg 8B463538-5FEC-452C-A2FE-C10737B2E79B.jpeg E70D39E2-995A-4F61-8E14-D04A5B1E54BF.jpeg E70D39E2-995A-4F61-8E14-D04A5B1E54BF.jpeg 8B463538-5FEC-452C-A2FE-C10737B2E79B.jpeg During my visit to the Huddersfield Public library I unearthed these original drawings of the proposed ‘new’manufactory for Ben Jessop and Harry Kilner which have been passed along to reside in Standard’s possession subsequently due to their absorbing practically all the other Huddersfield local makers in due course.
    Following the death of his father Allen Jessop in 1880 ..Ben Jessop decided to part company from his three brothers ..namely Eli,Elliot and Humphrey and set up a brand new factory and company with his nephew Harry Kilner.
    These drawings..original from the beginning of the 20th century..are intriguing and show the methods of construction to comply with the 1875 explosives act.
    Jessop and Kilner parted company in 1906 with Kilner going on to set up The Yorkshire Fireworks Company which ultimately was sold to Standard Fireworks..hence these drawings ending up being lodged within.Standards files.
    Also I include an original copy of the Yorkshire Fireworks Company from my collection which is relevant to the subsequent change of ownership.

    ATTACH=full]60035[/ATTACH] 151C16A9-6A74-4CBE-B932-990FA11C1AE6.jpeg 8C1D8AC6-5E14-47F8-BC7E-226F069A35F9.jpeg DF3A1C68-B2C5-4B22-9AA6-A40955C269EF.jpeg CECAAA6F-67B7-40AB-88F9-85E1BB64C41D.jpeg 4E32ED02-757A-4DE0-AECC-1448570FD1E8.jpeg D3EE3A17-7FA4-4756-B303-14E27FF0A838.jpeg DCF36F22-DD9C-4054-8285-E34CA148E855.jpeg CFC8DAD9-2211-4C77-922E-8DEC80112C55.jpeg 3A022F65-1899-45DA-ADB5-9AD07B6A38C2.jpeg

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  2. Richard this is absolutely fascinating. In our age of computers it's remarkable to see the care and effort that went into preparing these documents by hand. Such beautiful hand written script. I like that the charcoal store is next to the privy, I wonder if there is a functional aspect to that design...?
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    Chris..absolutely agree re the hand drawn work in representing the subjects.
    Having been involved with Architecture all my working life the vast majority of my work was hand drawn.
    I started in the mid 1960’s and by the time CAD came along ..say mid 70’s early 80’s ..I was getting too set in my ways to adopt it.
    Of course we had people who were qualified in CAD at the practice for the sake of keeping up with the times ..I reserved myself to hand drawn work until,I retired a few years ago.
    There were clients who asked for my hand drawn work in preference to the computer generated items…in particular interior fitted furniture details…and exterior detailing as well ….terraces steps and roof detailing.
    Mmmm the closeness of the privy to the charcoal magazine I’m sure was an intensely practical measure!:rolleyes:o_O
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    Amazing. That handwriting. Most folk can't scribble their own name with a crayon these days. Keep it coming old bean!
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    …Lots more to follow never fear!….:D:cool:o_O