Jet Screamers (Brothers)

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  1. Here is something Ifound , Ithink it will have been my brothers it was in my dad's attic! I don't think he will want it. So can be ready for my bonfire night. Was thick with dust but in good shape otherwise. He brand is Oriental / and he Label says Jimmys of Batly and Brothers Product
    Dustytop.jpg Dustytop.jpg Front.jpg info.jpg
    Brothers product.
  2. Similar to Brothers Thunder King cake, whistling, spinning tails to a salute.
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    This was sold by epic fireworks a few years back, nice piece.
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    Yes, I fired it a few times a few years back usually over fountains (normally Mammoth Conics - what a fountain that was), I must admit though I eventually grew to dislike it, as is was very repetitive and seemed to last quite a while doing that same effect..
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    still, will be a good one to annoy the neighbours..
  6. probably a good one to save for bonfire night!