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    Once again we are looking for additional firers to join our diverse team of firework display operators, Illusion Fireworks Ltd are the current British Firework Champions and British Musical Firework Champions.

    No qualifications needed as we provide all training - we are also looking for experienced operators.

    2018 was huge but we have an even busier year ahead with Plymouth BFC, Southport BMFC, Firework Champions, another major UK event, three of our own major public events and many private wedding, corporate and bonfire bookings - 2019 is looking to be our biggest yet!

    There are great social benefits, rewards for commitment, massive retail discounts, reasonable pay and BPA Training for all staff. Illusion Fireworks communicates with its entire crew using a unique mobile application, from our app you can sign up to displays, keep up to date with everything that is going on and even submit wages claims directly from your phone!

    If you are interested in getting involved in our journey, an dsigninf up to our introduction to professional fireworks day please email - you could be on a display as early as next weekend!

  2. Thanks to everybody who has gotten in touch to join the team this year - an overwhelming response and looking forward to meeting some of you in April!

    There is still time to get involved if anybody else is interested :)
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    Hi Guys - nothing to do with joining up but having watched the video you appear to have wooden racks that slide into A-Frames. I've got a few metal racks but our wooden ones are still in great shape so I'd like to "upgrade" them with the metal slider - that way I can get the best of all worlds. Did you buy the racks complete or make them? I'd ideally just like a supplier of the metal bits to fix on my racks but considering options. Thanks Graham
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  4. Hello, we built our racks from scratch, some 400 of them! We bought the metal sliders in conjunction with 1st Galaxy - if you contact Lee I am sure he can point you in the right direction. They are not cheap though!
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    Portfire Pro Firer/Crew

    Thanks for that. I'll catch up with Lee about the sliders - love the rack design so might just have to put up with the cost!
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  6. Are you still looking for fires?
  7. @Joseph Goodacre will be the best thing you do ;). I started as a trainee in April alongside my shift job, been on 3 shows so far (plus spectating at Newby Hall) and still buzzing from every one! It really is one massive pyro family, and a good laugh at times. Plus they always string together one hell of a show pretty much every weekend, which is a massive perk :D.

    I see from you're profile that you're pretty local to me, so I'll add that it's definitely worth the short journey down to their base in Oxfordshire ;).
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  8. Thanks mate when would be the best time to come down?
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