Jonathan's Fireworks Stock Available from 2nd October

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  1. We're expanding our Jonathan's Fireworks firework range this year with more barrages, rockets, fountains, selection boxes and of course sparklers! Some of our personal picks:

    Fish and Chips (£15, or £12.75 for UKFR members)

    Maximum Rocket (£20, or £17 for UKFR members):

    Sky Ambush (£40, or £34 for UKFR members)

    Twisting Turtles (£45, or £38.25 for UKFR members):

    Vampire Fire (£60, or £51 for UKFR members)

    You can see all of the Jonathans Fireworks that we will be stocking here:'s-Fireworks

    For UKFR members please PM us so that we can give you 15% off of all of our products. We're also extending our UKFR exclusive offer of an additional 10% worth of extra free fireworks based on your total order value. Please leave a comment with your order that you are a UKFR member and what free fireworks you would like, or alternatively please PM us.

    Some of the above footage was filmed from about 50 metres away at the Jonathan's Fireworks 2015 demo night. Jonathan's Fireworks will be hosting their 2017 demo night on 6th October at Nuneaton Rugby Club so you can see the entire range fired in the flesh :)
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