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    A comment in that article by the man who bought JTF in January 2020 gives a hint of the importance of fireworks to the business:-
    “JTF had a fabulous team. I believed I had done everything possible to turn it around, taking it into profit within four months, but just hadn’t factored Covid into the scenario. Lockdown two and three wiped out fireworks and Christmas sales, two of the largest seasonal times for JTF.”
  2. its always sad when jobs are lost.
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  3. I agree,but funny how it coincided with the wind down of furlough...

    There are a few issues with what is said in that article - they were amogst the many stores that were allowed to open throughout the lockdown, but Fireworks sales and Christmas sales were wiped out...?? Hmmm...??
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    All the business support measures will come to their ends. Whether that's when all businesses are exactly ready for a profitable re-opening is still to be seen.

    I've seen a vid of Louis Rossmann doing a walk through a New York district. Lots of dead businesses not really likely to return. I can't see any town being different.

    Lots of people went into covid thinking it was either a fiction or a short blip to business. Sadly there are still people getting covid in the UK after a year and a half from the first cases.
  5. JTF sold millions of pounds worth of fireworks - good news for some on here I guess who will pick up their trade. But bad news for Brightstar who were their biggest supplier
  6. JTF Preston seemed to do well with fireworks sales,I did notice a big increase in customers moving from JTF and purchasing products from me, due to stock issues.
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  7. They did indeed, ah well..
  8. JTF were in a CVA, their first payments of 19p in the £ was due in August, so it’s a pretty calculated closure.
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    Guess when you have the supply and quality products people will come
  10. I can't see things getting better anytime soon, in fact I believe things are going to get a lot worse. Rishi's tap has stopped flowing and now businesses will start to really see problems, Covid has also given another foot up to Amazon who were already taking over. I think we have a very dark 5 years ahead and the only man who could save bricks and mortar retail is dead.

    Strangely, specialist firework retailers might not be so affected as Amazon is not an issue, although long term I'm not sure. We have the Scottish thing, we have Frau Doorne and her merry men and longer term we have pollution arguments, even in India they are banning fireworks in heavily populated areas.

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    I've never bought into the pollution argument, was there not a study done somewhere in Europe (might have been Germany) that suggested cars give off more pollution in a day than fireworks do in a year...
  12. Yes, but non-electric car purchase is being banned in the UK from 2030.
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    I always prefer to use Sponsers for my Fireworks.
  14. I visited the store several times last year, shelves were constantly empty. Zero effort from them at all and over heard interesting conversations from the staff.

    Surprised they didn't throw in the Suez canal issue just for the sake of it.. o_O

    I believe the member of staff though when they said they were being given the run around.
  15. Not sure that's true either.

    Pretty sure it's just stand-alone petrol cars, there is no way the UK would be ready for all electric in 2030. :eek:
  16. Manufacturers that put a new petrol or diesel car in to production and sales during 2029 will have a 7yr sales period. They will not be able to introduce new models after 2029.
  17. JTF had their best Fireworks sales since 2000 and could have done more. The only shortages at times of products on the shelves were due to their accountants not paying the suppliers quick enough. JTF have been in trouble for a few years and many suppliers including those supplying their fireworks wanted payment upfront on an ongoing delivery basis as everyone knew what was coming.
  18. Where did you get the data from?
    Where did you get that data from best sales since 2000. Just interested I have a great interest in stats being a business analyst.
  19. I was involved in doing a lot of the deliveries and spoke to many of the store managers. Nobody could quite believe the amounts being delivered daily to the stores over a two week period.

    I'm not normally a delivery driver but it was all hands on deck last year when it went crazy towards the end.
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