Cake/Barrage Jumping Jack Flash (NEW)

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  1. Jumping Jack Flash
    RRP: £9.99
    Manufacture: Planet Fireworks
    Category: EU Cat 2
    Safety Distance: 8m
    Shots: 19
    Shape: Straight, Vertical
    Class: 1.4G
    Duration: 30sec (approx)
    16 shots of red stars with crackling to green bouquets and blue stars with red, green and blue tails. Duration of 30 seconds. CE - CAT 2

    Filmed at Dynamic Fireworks / Firework Emporium testing evening
  2. Nothing wrong there, nice cake
  3. Air Bomb King

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    Didn't even realise they were still going! Do they still do the starship trooper candles?
  4. Great Northern Fireworks

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    It's manufactured by Brothers for Planet.