"Jupiter Rocket" - any ideas?

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  1. I remember seeing a whole load of planet-themed rockets in the local garden centre when I was young. It was probably the late 90s, early 00s and I was impressed with the size of the "Jupiter" rocket. But we did not get one. We got a selection box and a few packs of rockets and went on our way.

    Fast forward to bonfire night and we happily got through everything. Then my stepdad told me to go to the boot of his car and inside...was a Jupiter rocket! That was a great memory, but I cannot remember how it looked and sounded. Can anyone remember getting this one? I think it may have been Standard, but I'm not completely sure.
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  2. Yes, definitely Standard.
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  5. Yes! That's it! :D Thank you! Do you know if there is a video of one being lit anywhere?
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    sparkler will do you one , when he fires his rocket ! lol
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  7. Eventually...maybe ;) It's still great I've managed to see one again, regardless. I remember the "wow" of finding it in the car and bringing it to the garden.
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  8. They're massive. Like one of those old style fairy liquid bottles on a stick.
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    Here is one against some of the others in the range, I don't know if any manufacturers made larger, I seem to remember a black cat one similar in size it might have been all plastic, motor included. I think these were around at the time shells got banned, as I remember thinking these would do more damage on the way back down than a shell ever would.
    Were these actually made in Huddersfield or good quality Chinese.
  10. Pretty sure the Solar and Lunar were at least partly UK made, the others I'm not too sure?
  11. What are the names there? Solar, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars (?) and what are the two smaller ones?

    There was an even bigger one. Possibly from a different manufacturer and maybe needing another thread because I cannot remember the name of it. Maybe I'll start one :)
  12. Lunar, Solar, Mega, Saturn, Jupiter and Whoppa
  13. Is the Whoppa the silver-cased Black Cat rocket? Because if so, that's the one I was thinking of. Never did have one of those!
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    Yes I believe it was, Blackcat also had the large Polaris rocket
  15. I remember seeing the Whoppa in the garden centre and thinking "whoooooa...." and I did want to see one. But alas! I'll look up the Polaris :)
  16. The Whoppas were originally dual branded as both Black Cat and Standard.
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    Thanks Joss

    I knew I had seen the Blackcat logo on them
  18. Polaris and Whoppa in this photo here :)
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  20. Brilliant collection there! Bringing back memories :D