"Jupiter Rocket" - any ideas?

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  1. I still have a Whoppa and the Polaris was a huge rocket, i still have the stick but the head exploded into thousands of pieces!, i fired a Jupiter on the Millenium Eve, it was o.k. but i have seen better.
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    Wasn't the Jupiter a bit pants from memory? I remember it being the size of a washing up bottle and not living up to expectations.
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  3. Possibly! I just honestly can't remember what it was like. I can still see it firing up, but I cannot remember the report.

    I did just watch a video of Whoppas going up and I thought "I should have had one of those!"
  4. I remember first seeing the Standard Whoppa rockets for the first time. Was probably around 18 and seen nothing as big as that before. I bought two from Homebase in Aylesbury without hesitation. Couldn’t wait to set them off. They had some good effects from what I remember.
  5. Yes, they looked the part but were no better than anything else by Standard at the time, a lot of puffery in the top!
  6. The Whoppas were stunning rockets when they came out. 3" Shell in the head. Wasn't much else like it at the time. Have to remember that up until the late 90s most rockets were black powder breaks, wasnt until the likes of Kimbolton Medusa and Millenium comet rockets that flash bursts were common place.
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    This wasn't the case with the full plastic bodied lunar and mega rockets in the early 90s as I recall as I had a few from the 1991/92 period, there was quite some humph when they burst and not quite in a way of the modern stuff, they were quite a match for modern shell break stuff but held there own and fully made at Standard, I think these in the picture were a product of standard cooperating with weco of Germany as they look as if they have the weco motors that were used on their large rockets and as I remember those large wecos were a lot of puff in an oversized head as I had one or two of these in the early 00s and not worth £20 a shot as they were.
  8. The Vulcan rockets where excellent! I used to sell the Sandling versions.
    The Crossette and go getters where awesome.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure they where sold as a 8oz payload rocket, they also used a Aluminium motor.
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    The Lunar rockets were amazing. Packed to the cone with stars and flash. The flash leaked out on the ones I had. I popped the nose cones off to find a sponge disc holding everything in. They went with a bloody big bang and massive spread. The Whoppa, though much more massive in size, was less impressive than the Lunar in my experience. I popped the cone off a silver willow to find 80% of it was fresh air, a glued in card disc hiding a poly bag of stars and flash. Such as most of todays big rockets are. No 3" shell in my one. It looked nice in the air but was all window dressed for the supermarket shopper ready to part with their hard earned. Though, this was at the point where Black Cat had gotten their claws in and any proper Standard stuff on the shelves was just leftover stock. There's good old British manufacture for you.
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