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  1. I'm just looking for honest open opinions on an idea, mainly from suppliers and stockists, but as this affects the end users anyone can chip in.
    I was thinking that a website where members of the public could post saying that they were having a firework display at such an address at such a time on what date etc.
    If this was advertised nationally, members of the public could sign up if they have nervous pets, young children etc and receive a text alert if it was within their postcode area.
    We as retailers could ask all customers if they would consider joining, its not really for in the season, more for out of season, say for a birthday/wedding/ celebration,
    I'm sure Pete could maybe work out how much a thing like this costs to operate and this could be met by both suppliers and retailers.
    I know it would rely on people actually posting their intentions but other than the idiots i think most would, the retailer could actually do it for them.
    Online retailers could gather the information at the point of sale.
    Anyhow have a think and post any half decent replies.
    thank you.
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  2. maxywell

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    I think a lot of people would give it a miss to be honest, posting in advance that you're going to be doing something that some people might not like is asking for them to come to you and moan about it.
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  3. hofnerite

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    It's something I thought of doing a while back. I think the idea works well on paper but not very well in the real world.
    Ultimately only those who really care about their neighbours/community will notify and it's these people who already tell neighbours and the community.
    Those who don't care won't notify and the site won't be of any help to those using it/getting notifications.
    Also If it worked, I could see councils/government using it as a tool against the industry. ie, it becomes law to notify in such a manner.
    If done properly and advertised at all sales points, posters in shops etc (costing a lot of money) and is embraced by the majority of firework users then great... but there will always be lots of people who won't notify for many reasons. Also doesn't stop the ASBO chav anti-socials, which is the root of all problems.
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  4. Sadly even if you notify, people still complain and where I live. even threaten physical violence on the local network shame being we are still a free country to enjoy what's legal
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  5. RCT

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    Sorry Pete, great idea by I agree with Hofnerite danfireworks1 and maxywell.
    We do everything possible, well in advance of any display, via newsletters, parish council news and notices. Every pub, church , shop within a 5 mile radius has a poster.We use Facebook and other social media platforms. We put up signs on all roads warning pet owners etc 4ft/2ft

    We even knock door to door. We tell them the date and the times the fireworks will start and finish ! And we still get the same 2 complaints regardless , one from over 5 miles away.
    No one takes into account the thousand plus people that enjoyed the show, they only note the 2 complaints.I do the same for out of season displays including the VE Day display coming up , and yes will certainly get the same 2 complaints ! or more ??
    Most anti social behaviour with fireworks or perceived anti social behaviour comes from individuals who don’t think or understand the impact it has on the industry , so these people won’t sign up and those of us who would happily sign up would still get complaints and negative press.
    Although it’s a great idea this sort of national website would just high light how many out of season displays there actually are both large and small and give councils and the Anti’s even more ammunition to use against the industry, this could be negative outcome to both retailers and consumers . Unfortunately notifying people dosn’t stop them complaining.
    I think your right in what your suggesting, I just don’t think it would work as you envisaged.
    I speak as a consumer/end user , retailers may have a different view?
  6. Rob perry

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    If anything it would allow antis to organise protests and arrange police callo ect to a precise time and location. It's a very courteous idea but I don't think as mentioned above would work in reality. Most of us already know which neighbours to notify and who not to bother with :) I think it would work well to have a website the emergency services could access to raise awareness but not the general public.
  7. Damp Squib

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    Surely it's better to keep to the current system where all agencies are advised of a display as a matter of course as an insurance requirement ?
  8. It was mainly for members of the public, out of season to notify anyone with pets etc, not organised displays, I think we need a far more pro active pro firework campaign and the industry is doing fuck all to appease the Facebook warriors imo.
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  9. Pyro Ed

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    Pyro people just don't play well together. There are too few of us for a start. What it needs is a positive voice campaign. People need to be educated that fireworks were never only about November the 5th, and educated that they are not louder now than they were 20 years ago. A graph or something vs regulations and time, like 80's anyone could buy anything.

    Also with snippits of UK firework history. It needs an industry wide group who spend money on marketing this online. Where are the BPA hello????

    It's an image problem that can be fixed with modern methods, ONLY if people come together to make it happen, and its inclusive of ALL pyro fans.

    Also since Brexit has 'happened' play on the EU. Educate women for example, that they were the primary manufacturing force behind fireworks in the UK.

    There is so much to be proud of, so much (for us) at stake and so few actually doing anything about it.
  10. I think it's a great idea. Would it need to be it's own website? Maybe eg an open facebook group could do it? I don't go on facebook much so not sure of the exact logistics but I mean, would this sort of thing work on an existing platform?

    Local pages already exist- so this could work.

    I guess a downside with facebook is that people would use it to post unnecessary shit , everyone likes to have an option.
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