Just going through my collection

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  1. Just going through some of the job lots that I haven’t looked through properly and this looks like a gem, what is it like to fire??

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  2. They're quite loud. Although will most likely fail to fire or explode half way through, in my and others experience
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  3. Yeah it won’t be fired, but it looks really nice :) any selection boxes for sale Jay :’):’)
  4. I've got 3 Jupiter's like you have already. Maybe a Neptune but I dont really like selling my cosmic boxes.
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  5. Wahhhhh :( I have a Neptune now, it’s reallllly nice and just how I remember, the biggest one my dad would ever buy for our garden back in the day! Don’t think il ever be able to prize them off you will I? :p
  6. Waw I remember those. They do explode half way through some times but that was part of the fun back then . Just like 8 shot flashing thunder and 8 shot thunder dragons, for me a favourite from the 90's
  7. Do you have a photo of your Neptune?