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    So people can see the stunning 10" multi flash shell. The video is the last few minutes from a recent show. The shell is amazing.

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    Nice :cool: (2:13 for those who want instant gratification)
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  3. Literally the first thing I did:p
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    The whole clip is worth a watch ;) 300 salutes in 4 seconds.
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    Nice one, Graham. :cool:
  6. Had the pleasure of using some 300mm white multiflash over the season and even more impressive were the 300mm silver rain and 3 section double ghosts from Lieto - some of the best shells I have seen in years.
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  7. .
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    In the UK? I didn't know anyone was still doing 8" plus :eek: Not seen bigger than 7" at any of my locals in 3/4 years now...
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    What's this new term for strobing stars "Multiflash"? Strobes surely??
  10. this is what the Italians call very persistent white strobe :)
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    From the Vulagar Latin Multeus Fallashimo. Makes sense...
  12. Very nice, Firing a 12" tomorrow night for a wedding.
  13. I look forward to your video
  14. Nothing fancy unfortunately just a gold brocade.
  15. You say that, we had a large brocade at the beginning of autumn that turned out to be an absolutely stunning brocade with layered pistils :)

    reposting the 12” Silver Willow - should be a better link:

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  16. NICE!
  17. We have some nice pictures like that but ours get screen shotted and sent to HSE (who were very happy with our operation) - so we don't bother sharing anymore, funny thing is, in several cases this person(s) have not redacted their screen name or profile image from the screen shot :)
  18. Really! Oh dear.
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    That’s really sad