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Discussion in 'Non-Pyro chat' started by Lee boy, Oct 15, 2020.

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    To my firework family,
    I wanted to start by thanking everyone who has contacted me and want you all to accept my Sincere apologies for not responding I feel I owe you all an explanation and there is no better time than now I recently went through a very devastating death in my family to say I have found it very hard would be an understatement I’m not dealing with it well at all just taking each day as it comes I do however feel a bit better today and felt I needed to let you all know how grateful I am to have you all and this platform as a focus. I’m trying my best and with the support from my family and you guys I know I can get through this very sad time.
  2. Sorry to hear you are going through such a bad time, I do hope it get's better for you soon pal.
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  4. Pyro Pete

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    That's such sad news to hear Lee, my condolences to you, and we and UKFR are here for you whenever and however you need it.
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  5. Very sorry to hear your sad news, Lee, we are all here for you at this awful time.
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  6. scoops

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    Sorry to hear. Keep strong with your passion and as you say the forum is just a wonderful place to loose yourself in for a bit when needed. Its helped quite a few of us on here..:)
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    That's terrible news @Lee boy. It gets better... it just takes time.
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  8. I was thinking about you just recently Lee. Hang in there mate.
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  9. RocketRev

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    As you said, "One day at a time", Lee. The first year will be an emotional rollercoaster as each special event - like birthdays, Christmas etc - comes round for the first time. So you'll likely have times when you feel better and that you're moving forwards, only to crash down as one of those events comes round. It'll pass. Hang in there with the support of folk round you at home and here.
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    Thank you to each and everyone of you, your kind words really means a lot.
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    We are here fella
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  12. Our thoughts are with you at this time Lee, great to see you back You-Tubing. :)
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  13. nickjee

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    Sorry to hear this Lee. Thoughts are with you and your family mate! Time will be your best friend. Just keep going one day at a time and hang in there buddy!!
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    I lost my mum 2 years ago I know how you feel mate I was only 22 at the time she was only 54
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