K9Girl's 2015 Stash

Discussion in 'Fireworks Forum Chat And Discussion' started by K9Girl, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. K9Girl

    K9Girl Batteries not included Supports UKFR

    Visiting John @Fireworks South Wales tomorrow to pick up my main stash, woo hoo! Pics to follow obviously :D:)
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  2. Catesbysrevenge

    Catesbysrevenge Supports UKFR

    Looking forward to seeing it!!!
  3. Daveandkate

    Daveandkate Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    Bring it on
  4. kamikersie

    kamikersie Supports UKFR

    Cant wait to get the rest of mine too :D Seing as I will be sort of doing 2/3 things this year :D

    Been invited to a party with old work colleagues and they have a big budget with each person chipping in so that'l be another stash to plan so I can't wait for that either :D

    Have you hired a van? :p
  5. Bucksend

    Bucksend Supports UKFR

    Exciting times!
  6. kamikersie

    kamikersie Supports UKFR

    Oh and pay for my items whilst you are there? :whistle:
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  7. K9Girl

    K9Girl Batteries not included Supports UKFR

    The holiday account has already been pillaged so sorry................:confused:
    Hopefully my little Fabia Estate will be packed to the roof lining :stashtastic:
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  8. kamikersie

    kamikersie Supports UKFR

    Nice little road trip at least as well :D Let us know what additional items you purchase when you see them in the shop lol
  9. K9Girl

    K9Girl Batteries not included Supports UKFR

    I may have a little wiggle room................I do actually need a wheel, but want to see it in the flesh first.........my 'pre cons' for wheels is terrible :eek:
  10. kamikersie

    kamikersie Supports UKFR

    I know what you mean. I need a finale cake, some mines, some large rockets, some decent medium sized cakes, fireworks for a party display, ooooooh roman candles.....................I need psychotherapy
  11. K9Girl

    K9Girl Batteries not included Supports UKFR

    You mean 'pyrotherapy' :p
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  12. kamikersie

    kamikersie Supports UKFR

    Hi, My name is dan and I need help. Ive been clean for 10 months, but now I'm battling with my addiction again..................
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  13. SteveLX

    SteveLX Supports UKFR

    Been there...my realisation that I needed some wheels and fountains has turned into a seven hour round trip to Epic so I can pick up another Thunderous Finale, Screaming Spiders and assorted other things!
    I've been buying my stash since April so can't even claim 10 months clean
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  14. K9Girl

    K9Girl Batteries not included Supports UKFR

    I'll be falling from my wagon tomorrow! :eek:
  15. Delly67

    Delly67 Supports UKFR

    Oh I quit trying to quit. The therapy cost more than the pyro:p
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  16. kamikersie

    kamikersie Supports UKFR

    #JellyLegs with excitement on arrival lol ;)
  17. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor


    ... until tomorrow ;)
  18. good luck for today and safe journeys ...(hurry up were waiting :))
  19. UKChrisT

    UKChrisT Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    Why are we waiting? :p;)
  20. Drive fast and take chances, i want to see stash shots!
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