Karl can you do this for us

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    Imagine setting that lot up in our climate ...
    Bloody awesome though :)
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    That's incredible, I'm still in awe at being able to make words from single shots!
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  3. elmo

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    Wasn’t that Malta last year ??
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    I believe so. The audio cuts out for me after a few seconds, but if you click on the link through to Facebook where it was posted then the audio is intact.
  5. That show was done by St Mary's in Mqabba last year. Year before it was the Disney theme. I think last year was about 17k cues including the shells at the rear. The tower was 56m from memory. This year it will be larger as they have just received a sizeable donation. VIP tickets are available at €5. If anyone fancies it's on the 14th August each year.
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    Although you may be better off standing in front of the VIP area :p
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  7. It actually had good reviews from Sam last year, maybe he sat at the top.
  8. mike frost

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    of the tower?
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    Still a bit steep... I'll get my coat:whistle::p
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  10. We have been talking about something like this for Abingdon this year....
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    Step number, procure a tower crane :)
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    One year you need to do one of these:

    So Karl, what's the deal with Xplosive and Illusion both doing a display. Are you splitting the company up into two entities?
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  13. Just over £3.5k in petrol
    Plus BP
    Plus lots of metal tubes
    Plus salutes.

    I'll chip in :):)
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  14. elmo

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    How about some uk built lampere shells ?? :rolleyes:
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  15. Only if we can weigh the fallout in :):)
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  16. Xplosive Fireworks is a separate company to Illusion, I own it but it’s a separate business.

    Xplosive Group is the parent company encompassing:

    Illusion Fireworks
    Xplosive Fireworks
    Xplosive Events
    Xplosive 4K
    and another project on the boil

    All going well the Xplosive Fireworls display at Abingdon will be a full daytime effect display :)

    We will soon be announcing the ‘Windsor & Eton Summer Firework Festival’ too ;)
  17. UK made Lampere shells can be done ;)
  18. :offtopic::hijacked:
  19. That Greta bird would shit herself !!!!