Kimbolton demo evening.

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  1. Hi all,

    Were any of you guys going to the kimbolton trade only demo evening in Lewes this friday?

    I've just had an email from them to say that it is cancelled. Very short notice and a real shame as it's a great evening and very useful.

    Just wondered if any of you knew why it had been cancelled?
  2. Been the last two years, unfortunately it's the same stuff each time, nothing new.
  3. Rumour has it the other customer couldn't turn up :p lol
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  4. paul s

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    That's a poor show. Last year 1st Galaxy went ahead despite atrocious weather and potentially low turnout.
    There may be very genuine reasons for the late cancellation, but surely a company of KF's standing could sort something out. I'd be a bit pissed if I'd already booked and paid for a hotel.
Thread Status:
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