Kimbolton Factory Visit 2004

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    Some photos from my visit to see Kimbolton's Cambridgeshire factory way back in 2004 which I didn't get around to uploading at the time ;)




















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  2. Done Fettling

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    Nice one Pete. I used to go quite regular to pick up but never got to see the inner sanctum .
    Those Pirofantasia candles in pic 10 :cool::)
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    Awesome stuff, lots of history right there
  4. hofnerite

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    Sad to think this is no longer a working factory :(
    I've been there a few times having moved just around the corner from them and got a guided tour of their site when collecting. Always lovely people and stayed for ages taking about everything pyro.
    Last time was just before the CE deadline when I bought the remainder of their Bengals.. I could tell then that they were really struggling and that CE was going to hurt them bad. Great photos Pete.
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  5. Thank you very much for posting. I feel fortunate that I was able to see manufacturing there. The loss of domestic manufacture is a terrible loss.
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  6. Done Fettling

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    Are the new owners keeping the site going or is it confined to history .
  7. A most impressive opening post. Splendid photos! ... even get to see you in a reflection too :D
  8. some great pics there :)

    is that a magicfire timed fuse unit i see ?

    in fact are magicfire still going, cant find the website ?
  9. I believe the owner of magic fire passed. His sons didn’t have much interest in keeping the business going. I think Disney bought all the remaining units and rights.
  10. Richard Lane

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    Loved Kimbolton...sad it's the perfect storm..what with new 'regs ' and the Chinese effect etc etc.
    Known RL for many many years a fantastic bloke.
    Great photos partic the garden truck used for carrying the cases etc between the sheds..we used to have one just like that when I was a growing up.
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  11. Unfortunately the new residents of the site (titanium) are not manufacturing. I've been involved in clearing the site, absolutely heart breaking to see large grain trailers being loaded with everything and burnt. I have managed to place a few items, the star roller actually being used in UK to make UK shells along with some chems and Japenese hemis. Some tubes, and equipment to Malta (Hope it's still serviceable after the recent accident). But the large presses are still looking for a home.
    Martin from Phoenix, the new owners of Kimbolton deserves a shout, he is 'helping' to support the new UK manufacturing.
  12. Richard Lane

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    Tragic watching the break up of the last fully fledged firework manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

    Well done...
    .... all the caring industry people...the drip drip of the legislation designed to kill the firework industry..the constant EU rules constantly nibbling away...all the bleeding hearts..well intentioned I'm sure..but most definitely not ..the spoil
    Sports... the killers of other people's freedom to have their fun....all the concern about pets...give the owners the tranquillisers!! ......all under the guise of the Heath and Safety regulations.
    It is truly sickening to observe all these components being brought to bear on our dear old Firework industry.

    This country and its engineers ..artisans..workers thinkers ...has always had the ability to create at short notice very often..witness the current reactions to the needs of the invent ...develop..and bring into being just about anything wanted ..and very often not known it's being needed.

    The actions of these cohorts of 'anti's' against the Firework industry is/are precisely the opposite of this country's inventive energy to create ..and a plague on all their houses.
    Richard Lane.
  13. Very well said Richard, couldn't have summed it up better myself, yes you are absolutely spot on.
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  14. Richard Lane

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    Jamie:);):rolleyes: Thanks...R
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  15. I'm not truly 100% in agreement why Kimbolton is no more. Can you really blame CE?. The small European factories seem to manage very well. personally think it was more to do with Ron's age, the break up of the company and the wrong personnel. Even the large gerbs Ron made, there are people out there believe it or not that have offered to fund the costing of setting up the press again (including CE costs) Just so they can buy them.
    The HSE have also moved with the times, not sure Kf had the best relationship with them, which doesn't help.
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    The last time i had a email of Ron (a couple of years back now) he had just had his knee done and something in that email showed a change was coming.Very sad all around but you have to admire him for carrying on so long bless him.
    Do you guys think on the magic 5 of nov he will be in his garden with a selection box :(:)
  17. Richard Lane

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    Bet he will...or something a little bigger.As you get older you kinda revert to the child.
    I started in our garden with Nov 5th stuff..and progressed to a life in fireworks ..doing big displays and all that sort of thing...but now I'm 70 + I find I've developed a liking for the old garden sized pyro..and some bigger in amongst them!:D