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    RRP: £74.99 (2013)
    Category: 3 - 25m
    Class: Caged 1.4G
    Description: 6 rockets (2 x 40g, 2 x 120g and 2 x 180g) with a range of effects including gold glittering stars with blue core, red palm tree bursts with red glittering willow, long duration gold fronded palm tree burst, gold willow to multi-coloured tips with crackling core, red burst with silver strobing stars, red dahlia with crackling core.

    Stock video:

    My video:

    Before you even get around to the lighting part, these look impressive in their huge caged box and come with protective gloves and eye protection included. I recommend donning said protective gear when opening the box with a strong pair of scissors or similar, as a wayward metal strip could do more than spoil an afternoon.

    Inside the metal cage you’ll find a total of six rockets in three different sizes. It’s unfair to call the smallest two small since their bursts are impressive in their own right. So let’s call them medium sized, and suffice to say you will be pleasantly surprised if you thought they were just passengers in this package.

    The two middle sized rockets start to look more mighty in your hand but in the sky they still surpass expectations with an impressively loud bang and excellent hang times. The two biggest rockets are huge, but launch much higher in the sky. This means more of a biblical boom and less sky filling effects for you, however rest assured the effects are sublime and no doubt the whole town will have seen and indeed heard them go off.

    The King-Dom rocket pack then isn’t cheap, but if you want an excellent variety of sublime effects to wow your crowd then this no-nonsense collection is for you.
  2. This is one I have been thinking of getting for a while now. Always looked good. Always short on rockets.
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    There does appear to be some disparity between stock and actual footage ?
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    I believe the described effects are the same, I think they just look different in the different conditions. Aside from the stock video being in reverse order to how I fired them, the stock footage also appears to be taken much further back with the rockets angled/blown away from the camera. That said I've often had variations from the stock video to actual firing. Normally it's for the worse, however in this case I was pleasantly surprised at how much better they looked in the flesh.
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    A good rocket pack for around £50, but I wouldn't say it was anything more than that.

    Epic Sky Thrillers are far superior and I've heard great things about the Sovereign King/Queen rockets.
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    I've only ever seen the Epic Sky Thrillers in video, and I'm unlikely to travel across the country to pick some up, so I can't comment with great accuracy. Regardless I think it depends on what floats ya boat. Personally when on a budget I prefer to have slightly 'smaller' rockets but more of them, as I think they have more of an impact. For example, ignoring RRP, for £15 you can get one huge rocket or 5 war hawks, or 3 huge rockets for the price of the King-Dom pack. During my last display the crowd went crazy for the rockets fired in multiples, but hardly reacted to the single Rage Sledgehammer I had. I still stick by my positive comments on the quality of effects you get with King-Dom. But that's just my take, it's good to hear other thoughts - each to their own after all :)
  7. Hi guys, great video as well POB,

    I looked on the JTF/ in the JTF firework magazine/brochure for this year and they are selling a Elite 6 rocket pack at I think it was 57.99.
    Watched the video on the internet and they are exactly the same as these. the same video everything which seemed very odd. If any of you guys have any clarification that would be great cheers.
  8. They are exactly the same pack just rebranded

    They also have hercules and real steel under different names also

    Bit on the pricey side though, get them much cheaper from a sponsor