Fountain Klasek 1000g crackling .

Discussion in 'Klasek' started by RCT, May 17, 2020.

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    Filmed by my teenage girls, after a glass of fizz o_O

    Filmed by my 10year old from 25m No fizz!

    Verdict by whole family, was ,this is one of the best fountains we’ve seen. For the first 30 sec plus was thinking just reminded me of another quality fountain, but then when it reached is full height , I thought this is better.
    And then just when I thought it was going to die down the crackling started. As wide as it was high, amazing. What a cracker crackling fountain. We all thought was WOW.
    Mine fired different to other vids I’v seen, the cracking kicked in towards the end, and was all the better for it.
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    Crackle is usually one of those effects I find really annoying but when it's done well, it's great. This was great!
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    Great commentary, they just don't understand the seriousness of it all do they? ;)
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    I love my girls, all 3 . The older ones often cut me down with quick whit and adult humour which I find very funny. But sometimes they annoy the crap out of me , that’s teenagers I guess for all of us.
    Obviously they see a lot of fireworks and most of the time they just go yep another firework, and generally just take the piss out of me ,but they all really liked the fountain and sig candles , which is a huge compliment for Klasek.
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  5. first video was a lot cleaner, i assume a more expensive phone/camera? i loved the hiccups throughout :D
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    Yes first vid with fizz hiccups i phone 8
    Second vid I phone 6

    no messing with settings, just point and shoot, but they are both narrow angle, so you need to stand way back to get the full width, eg 70-100m. The large wide fan cakes probably need to go even further. 150m plus which starts getting challenging even in rural countryside.
  7. fall over a hedge :D
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  8. Great videos! I love the "Dad" expression in the first one : THIS S FIREWORKS AND IT'S SERIOUS!!!!!! :furious2::furious2::furious2: :p:p
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