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  1. Nothing showing here mate?
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    Please sir can I have some more
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  4. i was trying to up load a new item but it wont let me i think the image is too big lol
  5. Basically Klasek have a signature range, which is their premium stuff, 2018 they have two rocket packs, firstly 5 x 75grm very good effects different to the usual up bang effect hawk type, then another pack 3x 200 grm and two 120 grm, I'm told very special effects, there are a lot of new signature items, including a truly stunning 175 shot compound
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    I must say after seeing both the 50 and 100 shot signature fired they are probably my favourite cakes I've seen.

    I fired the 100 shot last nye but I was distracted by something at the time so missed most of it :(

    But I saw the 50 shot signature fired recently at the let's party demo and wow really stunning thick effects if u know what I mean, each burst was really rich.

    I have the 25 shot version still but not fired yet, look forward to it.
  7. you are correct in saying the effects are "thick" i would liken it to comparing really fat tinsel to cheap thin stuff, not surprising when you see the powder weights,
    for instance the new C9020SIG has 990grms. rrp £54.99 not sure you'll find a kilo of powder anywhere at that price.
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    This is a nice one Peter
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    As is this
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    This one above is my favourite
  13. It's about 80 a gram down this way.. oh hang on, wrong type of powder
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  14. Nice Dan , we had the 50 shot royal last year.
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  15. Fantastic day yesterday at Klasek showroom, the size of the company is staggering, we visited their storage facility, un believably modern set up.
    Some of the numbers are truly Mind boggling, for instance they have two factories making 5grm petards ( bangers ) 6 days a week, 345 days a year over 20 million units, 40 containers, of one single line.
    The range grows ever bigger, we saw a video of a fabulous new 49 shot 30mm ghost to strobe cake, that defiantly on my shopping list,
    Fired a dum bum rocket with the added effect, nice tail, good loud salute and effect.
    The signature range is just the dogs with several new compounds
    More to come.
    Trying to get out of bed after too much Czech beer.
  16. Assuming the new Signature range wont be out till much later in the year?
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    What is the ghost effect, as opposed to strobe?
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    Got it.......

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    Would be lovely if the ghost effects we're of this level of quality? Very much doubt it looking forward to seeing it though:)
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