Klasek R5808D 8 Shot Candle DumBum

Discussion in 'Klasek' started by Madfish, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Madfish

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    8 Shot Candle

  2. paul s

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    Wonder how many UK reg's that one manages to contravene?
  3. Madfish

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    ? why
  4. Madfish

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    Klasek video

  5. Illusion Fireworks

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    So the Klasek video shows a man HOLDING a Titanium Salute candle......
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  6. paul s

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    ""air bomb" means a roman candle (or a combination which includes three or fewer roman candles) whose functioning comprises the ejection of eleven or fewer pyrotechnic units, and which contains any pyrotechnic unit designed to eject and burst and whose bursting charge is other than black powder."

    I presume this still stands.

    (I remember back in the day when TS were confiscating any 8 shot candle they encountered - wrongly assuming all were air bombs!)
  7. Wouldn't mind fanning a few of these together :rolleyes:
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  8. I fired 5 of these together at new years, was short but made some serious noise for the money!
  9. Bought these as a pack of 2 Dum Bum roman candles. Fired these last night (01/01/19). These make a good amount of noise and are great value for money. Not as loud as the 25mm or 30mm Dum Bum but this was expected as these are 20mm.

    Dum Bum Candle Twin Pack

    Number of shots: 8 shots each (16 in total)

    NEC: 46.4g each (92.8g in total)

    Bore Size: 20mm

    Duration: Around 30 seconds each

    Price: RRP £9.99

    Category: F3

    Hazard Class: 1.3g

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